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I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator on May 2, 2016 at my local Sears discount store. It was a fridge which meant the salesman had to order it for me. I didn't think that would be a problem. It was delivered on May 5th. I noticed it did not have a deli drawer so called the discount store. They said it was a purchase so had to deal with even though I ordered it from that discount store. The only choice was chat with an Indonesian who promised my deli drawer would be delivered free in 7-10 business days. 14 days later, no drawer, no phone call, no email. I got on chat again with another Indonesian who apologized and said she would reorder it, wait 7-10 business days again. Again, no drawer, no email, no phone call.

When I purchased the refrigerator, I was supposed to have free delivery of $69.99. Also, I was asked if I wanted the old refrigerator hauled away. I said yes but was never told there was a $25 charge. The computer supposedly had a glitch and they couldn't print a receipt at the store but would email one to me. I got home, looked at the receipt and I was charged for the delivery. That's when I discovered the haul away fee. I called the salesman, he said he would have both taken care of and it would be returned to me bank account. Never was.

I called Customer Service at the Executive level. Talked to her for 2hrs. She took my debit card number twice, said she had taken care of the refund and oh, by the way, at the end of the conversation said that model doesn't come with a deli drawer.

I went to the discount store to look for that refrigerator and it was no longer there. I did find one I wanted to exchange it for. Can't do that, it's past 30 days. Return policy is 30 days written in stone. I said I wanted a total refund. No, return policy is 30 days written in stone. So I have a refrigerator I don't want. If I put food in the back of it, it freezes and I don't have my refund of $99. The only option is to have a service call to check out why food freezes in the back. I have made call after call to every number available for Sears with no progress. I called the discount store again and asked for the salesman who sold me the refrigeration and waited 10 min for him to answer. I hung up. My next move is calling the TV stations, writing to the Attorney General, getting an attorney and filing a complaint with the BBB. The last customer service agent told me I can do anything I want, it's been 30 days and I bought it. They won't do anything. Sears has a real racket going.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1177332

Sounds like your biggest mistake---other than purchasing something from Sears---was in using a debit instead of a credit card. If you had used a credit card, you could have disputed the charge.

Now, you await refunds of money you authorized be taken from your bank account from a company that employs who knows whom from who know where.

Good luck on that. Now you know why debit cards are dangerous to use.

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