Cabot, Vermont
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I purchased a mattress from Sears that had a 10 year unlimited warranty. They had to replace it due to springs & sagging.The brand of mattress was no longer available so we had to order a different 1.

The second mattress lasted 4 months then we had the same problem. We had to travel over 260 miles round trip to pick up the mattress.

I have been dealing with Sears for over a year & have been given the run around, IE: take 25 different pictures sorry not enough take 3 more, measure the sag, take the bed apart to take pictures of the frame, box spring, then I received a call that they would not honor the warranty I have spent time, gas & stress to be treated like I did not matter. Bad customer service & they do not tell the truth.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Why are people such know it alls? They are not sleeping or paying for the mattress I am.

I paid over 2000.00 for something I can't use.

Until you know or have to go through this keep your rude comments to yourself. Try smiling :) have a great day every one.


LOL! I bet you are a fatso!

Oink oink! Just flip the thing over, off and on, and that mattress looks fine, anyways!


1st of all I am not fat I weigh 115 pounds & you are a rude person! The mattress isn't able to be flipped they don't make them that way any more. Have a great day.


Somebody needs to teach you some respect. First of all you don't have a clue wtf you are talking about..some mattereses can not be flipped over, know it all!

As for your comment regarding the persons doesn't matter if the person weights 15 pounds or 515 pounds a warranty is a warranty

So until you grow up, stay away from public forums.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your ignorant life.


Why can't you people understand that it is not the retail store that warranties the product. It is the manufacturer of the mattress that is responsible for the warranty. Why aren't you complaining about the manufacturer?


I am not a you people lol. I did complain to the manufacture they didn't bother to honor the warranty.

Neither the manufacturer or Sears stood by this piece of garbage. I ended up buying a new bed & took the loss I no longer due business with Sears for anything that they sell.


I did complain to the manufacture & they like Sears didn't care. I did every thing they said to do took 25 pictures etc.


I had the same experience with sears and a Sealy mattress that I purchased. I was specific at the time of purchase that I needed firm mattress.

The mattress sags so much, it causes back problems. Sears will not honor a replacement. I have to go through this ridiculous process to get pictures, because there is no mattress claim person in the area which I live. Being a large corporate company, they can afford to send one out to do the inspection.

I will never do business with them again.


I have had the same experience with their customer service! Apparently no department at Sears wants to take responsibility for a potential "loss" hence the utterly *** run around that they give us, the consumer. Check out my "Institutionally Dumb Company with Extremely Poor Customer Service" post...I really do feel your pain!