Albany, New York

I purchased a Samsung upright dryer in April, 2009. The heating element just died after 1 year, 9 months of usage.

Sears refused to repair the dryer at no cost. The dryer cost $1000 at time of purchase when I also bought a Samsung upright washer. The washer was initially delivered in a mechanically damaged condition, but then was replaced in April 2009. The dryer arrived with dents in the body, and was also replaced.

Samsung agreed to send the heating element free of charge, "this one time," as though the mechanical failure was my fault. I was informed by the repair company that products made in Korea are not made well, and parts take many days to arrive. I advise not doing business with Sears and not purchasing a Samsung washer or dryer, based on this experience.

Buy Asko, or Whirlpool. I have also been advised that the America that produced applicances that lasted 20-30 plus years "no longer exists."

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I am with you. SAMSUNG is DAMDONE. Our one year old driver won't heat either, and the *** that says you have to get an extended warranty to for something that should at least work for 5 years without issue is just a plain ***. All I will say to you is your the type of customer that causes companies to think they can get away with this ***. They lower expectations of the customer base in order to make money, this is a fowl practice and won't work as long as I and the guy that started this thread join class action lawsuits as I will on this dryer.

The class-action on samsung dryers already exist, and I am going to find somewhere else to purchase my new dryer since I am going to poor concrete in this one year old dryer and put it on my land on the main highway with a sign stating what this dryer did and samsungs response being f-off.

You ***-lesswonder.


Sounds like ha ha works for sears and believes they are above everyone else. Last time I checked people all over the world have been buying washers and dryers and would still want and or need to do so, due to hmmm...LIFE!!! There would be less in landfills, but there will always be new buyers and upgraders as well.


What world are you living in, if I bought a new car with a 12 month warranty and did not buy the extended warranty and the engine blew up on month 18 they are not going to give anyone a new engine. Also if a appliance lasted 20 to 30 years like it used to, do you think any of the current applaince companys could stay in business. Your the kind of complainer that make the rest of the complaints look bogus,get real.If I were Sears or Samsung i would not want you back as a customer.


did you buy the extended service plan? probably not.

Did you know manufacturer warranties lasts for about a year (regardless of brand)? 10 year warranties on LG and maytag are on things that are least likely to break. Did you know you have the same chance of this breaking down if you bought it anywhere else? Did you know Samsung in general has very good reviews?

I'm surprised Samsung even gave you the part...."I have also been advised that the America that produced applicances that lasted 20-30 plus years "no longer exists." ----reason being is that things are not as mechanical as they used to be (like it or not).

Yes I'm mean. :)