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I took my electric Craftsman mower into the service center to be repaired. It was only 18 months old and was under a 2 year parts and labor warranty.

I got a call from their service center employee the day after I brought it in who starts the conversation by saying they no longer make this product and cant get parts (AFTER 18 MONTHS and its something Craftsman makes?). Then he proceeds to tell me that since they cant get parts they wont repair the unit and I can either come pick it up or they will destroy the mower for me. I ask him how the mower credit will be applied since what I paid for had a warranty and if it will be credited toward another purchase. He said no as he will just mark it up as I must have done something to make the mower motor assembly break.

That he will say it is not any defect so the warranty wouldnt apply and Sears was not responsible. The mower bolts holding the blade and motor housing together snapped while mowing and luckily the blade did not hit me it dug into the ground or else it could have caused major injuries. I asked him how I could have caused the bolts to snap? According to Sears Repair Center Rep it's not their problem and I need to come get my useless $250 Electric Craftsman Mower.

Then he proceeds to tell me they have specials on new mowers and to talk with the manager to see if he might help me out. Sears Warranties are worthless!!!!! I am filing a claim with my Attorney General and have already filed with my credit card company. Sears, this is the second time you have played this warranty game with me.

The frst I blew off as a bad ordeal because it was a $50 item. Not Again though will I be ripped off by your company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Dundalk, Maryland, United States #569367

Lick my scrote


Sounds to me like you hit something...maybe a tree root? That's your problem.

to Anonymous #568832

Well I certainly didn't hit any tree roots or anything else as I was mowing grass only when the mower suddenly shook and the blade embedded itself into the soil. So not really my fault sears sells faulty equipment.

Probably why they ceased selling them since they are garbage. The only thing that is my fault Anonymous is I was trusting in Sears to back what they sell!

to BigTXPapa Syracuse, New York, United States #571301

There is a federal law in the USA that manufacturers must supply repair parts for a given model of product for a period of 5 years after that model has been discontinued. If you happen to live in CA, the period is 7 years.

If I were in your position, I'd sent a complaint letter to the FTC, send a CC to Sears Corporate, and ask Sears when they are going to stop abusing their customers and adhere to the law?

However, for your problem, wouldn't it be easier just to go to a hardware store or auto supply and buy some replacement bolts and fix it yourself? You'd want to buy high strength bolts, grade 8 or class 8.8.

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