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Received an email from craftsman club on thursday reminding me that their sale ended saturday 4/13. The sale started on 4/7. I opened the email and clicked the link to website to view the sale items. On the site, there were probably 75-100 items on sale. I found a craftsman professional 60gal air compressor for a member price of 499.99 compared to their normal price of 729.99. I tried to place the order online on the last day of the sale 4/13 for the item but in the cart it showed the normal price of 729.99. I called customer service (multiple times) about the issue. Each time i was told that they "couldnt see" the 499.99 price in their "system". Despite my efforts to ask them to go onto their own website to see the item and price issue so that I could complete my purchase at that time, they refused. Instead, they insisted that i visit my local store with a print out of the email and webpage - where they assured me that the store would honor the price and complete the transaction. Well, after visiting the woodbridge store and discussing the issue with several associates and store managers, they said that if the craftsman web site had that price then they would honor it. So i showed them the printouts i had and then we used the in-store computer to view the item online. They confirmed the price for the item online and also tried to place the order with the same results that i had. So then the associate manager went to her boss to do the over ride in the store for the price match. But once the manager arrived, he decided that he didnt have to honor the price as he believed it was a pricing error and because "its not a price that we advertise in my store".

Now that I am posting this, i see that I am not alone as it seems a common theme for sears to advertise a price and then not honor it.

I used to be a huge craftsman fan - but with service and experiences like this - i have lost all faith in the brand.

I mean a craftsman warranty use to mean something. But if the dont honor their advertised prices now, who to say their warranty wont be the next thing they refuse to honor.

attached are the email and website from the day i tried to make the purchase.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Yep..In my area Sacramento the local Sears add offered a full size cross bed truck tool box for $125....All of the boxes in stock had been opened and the keys and mounting hardware removed....same at another store...The add expired and ...you guessed right.. All of the hardware was "located"....Done with Sears...I'll give my money to Lowes.