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I purchased a Sears Kenmore canister vacuum on 9-13-04 with a five year Master Protection Agreement (MPA) which I was told would cover all parts and labor for the five years and if they could not repair it, they would replace it.

Service under this agreement has been very poor. I took the vacuum in at least three times to repair a Reset button. The first couple of times, the repair was jerry rigged, the last time the Reset button had simply been disconnected, never repaired. In the meantime, Sears would keep my vacuum for three weeks for each "repair" service. Living without my vacuum for three weeks at a time was very difficult so after that, as long as the vacuum was running or it was a minor repair I could do myself, I never took it back.

Then the vacuum did quit running and I took it in for repairs on 10-31-08. I told them I wanted it repaired properly, no more "jerry rigging". I have now received two phone calls telling me the repair bill will be $85! I have told them I will not pay anything as all parts and labor are supposed to be covered under the MPA. The service company is trying to say the vacuum was "abused" which is ridiculous. I have found that the Sears Kenmore canister vacuum only holds up to normal use for about two years which is why I bought the FIVE YEAR service agreement.

I want Sears to honor the service agreement and either repair or replace the vacuum which they are refusing to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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I have had the same thing happen to me with a purchased service contract they didnt want to honor. I just filed an onlin complaint with my states attorney General and got results.

You can usuallu have their name on the Attorney Generals web site for sometimes years. Try that, it's the only way to make them step up.


As a sears associate your best course of action is to raise *** at your local sears store First with your Home appliance manager if you do not get traction there go to the general manger. If that fails call corporate the often side with a customer as long as you are not abusive.