Indianapolis, Indiana

Six months after purchasing a 42" t.v. that cost over $1000.00 from Sears, the LCD panel went out.

It's been over two months that we have been without a television and Sears keeps dragging their feet about replacing it. It has a one year manufacturer warranty and yet they have made us wait six weeks for new parts that didn't work. When we call, they tell us that we'll be getting a credit or replacement t.v. soon but after 65 days of the same run around, I doubt one is ever coming.

I will never purchase another item from Sears ever.

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At the time of your purchase you should have been offered a protection agreement. If you chose not to spend the extra money on the agreement then you are to deal with the manufacturers "defect" warranty.

Working in the electronics department myself i always encourage the Protection Agreement. Spending 179$ for 3years on a tv and looking at repair costs to the cost of the warranty.

It pays for itself. Good luck with what you have


All I have to say is, if a company wants to sell a product, they should be ready to stand behind anything they sell. Just like they use to do. If they do not, then for real, do not shop there and teach them a lesson that they learned once.


The manufacturer's warranty does not cover a replacement.....if you had a master protection agreement you would have been all set. You are only covered for parts, not a replacement


Carrie is right in that Sears in just a middle man for the actual manufacturer.

But if the Sears service department is authorized and does service the tv they should become responsible for the decision to replace it.

Sears very well might be waiting on the manufacturer to make a decision.They are going to try avoid taking any financial hit.

Unless you purchased a warranty Sears warranty is only 30 days on Home Electronics.

You might want to try the local BBB but include the manufacturer,the service company and Sears in the complaint.


Sears is just the middle man, why would you hold them responsible?