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I purchased a Kenmore Waterheater with 12 year warranty.

After only 2 years now, I found the Gas Module has gone out.

I followed the manual troubleshooting section and was easily able to confirm with the LED Diagnostic light on the valve that I was getting 4 flashes indicating that the Gas Module Valve needs to be replaced.

On 3/14/14 I Called Sears Parts # from manual to order gas module under warranty

The Agent stated the part was not covered under warranty

I told her to hold off on placing the order that I would call back

I called back a few hours later and agreed to pay for the part and have it shipped since I had no other choice. The agent confirmed to ship the part and quoted arrival on Tuesday 03/18/14.

I then called back to complain that the part was not covered under warranty.

I was escalated to Customer Solutions and spoke to Gearmo Assoc # 401793. He stated he did not have the authority to send me the warranty part himself, but could give me a 100.00 sears gift certificate. I asked for him to put me in touch with a manager. Gearmo put me on hold for 30 minutes and stated that he would coordinate this through a manager while I was on hold. After continuous hold on the phone, he returned and stated he spoke to a manager and straighted everything out. He advised me to refuse shipment of the part I ordered and to call the waterheater # to ask to send the part under warranty. He advised me to give them the case # and that all the managers have reference to their data base.

He stated that the reason the part was not sent under warranty initially was that I called the wrong # and that the correct number was not listed on the manual. I should have called called 1-800-366-7278 which would put me in touch with the Kenmore Sears Warranty Water heater group.

He instructed to 1-800-366-7278 and they will send me the part under warranty .

I then called the original number I had called to order the part so I could get the tracking # and carrier and cancel the part.

I spoke to Ginger, who told me that the part was sitting in pending and it was never even shipped out.

I then called the Kenmore waterheater number Gearmo advised me to call to request the warranty part be sent.

I explained the entire story once again. The guy stated he could not send the part under warranty, that only the tank is the only part covered after 2 years.

I provided him with Gearmo’s case # and he said they don’t have a way to see that. He then questioned me asking that if a manager authorized this why didn’t the manager ship the part himself. Here it is almost 2 weeks and I am back at square one.

I have been a Sears customer for over 30 years..

They have obviously changed their ways over the years.

They used to have an awsome reputation for customer service

and satisfaction.. Now all you get is a runaround and a different answer from each person you speak with. My next Appliance will certainly not be a Sears Product!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Why don't you just walk back into the Sears store you purchased it from, instead of dealing with all those people on the phone.


My frioends newer furnace was acting up. I looked at it.

Found the led display and checked the code. A part failed. Ok easy fix, but...

Ahhhhh. But what I found was that it was the contacts to the unit that had failed triggering a false alarm.

i cleaned the contacts and re-seated them. Units works fine. No errors.

If we would have called for repair (which we almost did), the contacts would have been cleaned durring the repalcement of the 'supposidly' bad unit.

I'm wondering how many peple have been charged needlessly totaling thousdands of dollors!

Just something to check. Maybe you get lucky and it's a dirty conact.


I appreciate your post, but am not very confident at this point that anyone from Sears cares to help me.

Today the service Guy called.

He knew what the problem was before he arrived.

It took him 5 minutes to fix the issue.

This was something that was not documented in the manual and nobody from Sears told me anything about it.

The Sears tech then charged me 160.00 Labor for 5 minutes of work. :eek

I called to return my part that I was charged 200.00 for. This was the part that I had called to cancel and the rep told me not to worry that it had never shipped. I was advised that they had to charge my card 7.00 in order to send me a shipping label to return the part that was not supposed to have been shipped.

:roll I sent an email response to Bryan at Sears Care. I'm sure not very confident that anyone from Sears can help me.


I just stay away from sears now.There are so many complaints on the web about them you are better off just buying new from someone else because you will be repairing that thing over and over and it will just cost you way more in the long run.Sears is going under for a reason.

@better than you

I agree.

My C/A is acting up and I was looking to get the newer 410a since R22 is going away and getting very expensive. I called my Gas comany snce they are supposidly running a special.

I also called the a/c repair person who installed the exsiting a/c system, and who I've had out a few times.

He quotted me a price about $1,000 less, AND, told me that the gas company contracts with him to do the installs! OMG!

No wonder I see him fromtime to time around the area!

It pays to ask around.


This saga now gets worse by the day....

I started a new day today.

It's now been over a week with no hot water. I figured I would just call a Sears tech and schedule a service call since I was informed that the only way I would ever get my part under warranty is to have a tech request it.

I am at my last straw and figured I would just let the tech order the part under warranty.

Now to my surprise, I returned home later in the day to find a box delivered by my shipping carrier at my doorstep. Now the rep I had spoken to previously told me specifically that the part I ordered last week had never even shipped from their facility and showed no record of it scheduled to ship. Now I have a part that I was charged for (Almost 200.00) and the tech coming tomorrow morning.

I certainly don't want to pay for the parts and labor when I should only be paying labor only.

Now you would think the tech could use the part I received and call the Sears Parts Center to have my credit card credited for the part since it should be installed at no cost, and then just charge me the labor to install it.

For all I have been through I have a hard time believing this will be the case. I will keep you posted...

Sears Response

Hi ironwarrior,

We appreciate you posting to provide us with an update to this ongoing matter. We realize the matters concerning your water heater are becoming more and more upsetting for you.

In our response to your original post we offered our assistance and the offer still stands. We would be happy to assist in this matter. Please send your contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name (ironwarrior) to reference your post to smadvisor@searshc.com.

Again, thank you for posting the update concerning your water heater. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Brian R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

Sears Response

Hi ironwarrior,

Thank you for posting about your water heater part need, we can see how the encounters you have described has been disappointing. We certainly know how important it is to have a properly functioning water heater in your home and to have clear understanding of the warranty concerning parts when needed for repair.

My name is Brian and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support team. I have read your post today and I am taking this time to offer you our assistance. We would like to speak with you to see how what options are available so we may properly address this situation. Please send your contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name (ironwarrior) to reference your post to smadvisor@searshc.com and a case manager will contact you directly.

Again, thank you for bringing your water heater concerns to our attention. We do look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Brian R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

@Sears Response

I would like to thank William of the Sears Office for caring enough to contact me regarding my customer service complaints and the runaround I had been receiving. At least he took the time to listen and sounded sincere enough to make an effort to correct some of these issues. I know that nobody is perfect, but a little training and customer service skills go a long way.

Thanks again William for listening.


Well I thought perhaps William had helped restore my faith in Sears.

Unfortunately the poor customer service, customer deception, and inferior quality of the Honeywell Valves that Sears uses on their Waterheaters continues to haunt me.

I have now had (4) service calls this month and have just placed a 5th.

after a series of issues that should never have occurred with a unit so new

the Sears tech finally replaced the entire Gas Valve. After 2 days have passed I smell gas leaking.

I had purchased the Sears Extended Warranty (Convinced I will certainly need it) I called Sears to report the issue.

Despite a gas leak left by poor service from the last Sears Tech, and seriousness of this issue the Sears Rep stated they couldn't get anyone back to check this for 2 days. "What in the ^*)# kind of service is this?" I will never be buying another sears product again. I asked the Service Tech why the simple solution for the 4 flashing lights aren't listed in the Troubleshooting section of the manual? And why does it not describe how to reset the valve?

He said that they just realized how to do this, but had been charging customers for replacement valves for a long time prior to this knowledge :).

Recent Problem History March 2014 Ordered Extended Warranty Figured I would need it. October 4, 2014 (2nd Service Call) 4 flashing lights again, Unable to light pilot Technician Reset Valve October 2014 (3rd Service Call) No lights Flashing, unable to light pilot Technician Replaced small PCB Board in Gas Module October 2014 (4th Service Call) No lights Flashing again, unable to light pilot Technician replaced entire Module October 25, 2014 (5th Service Call) Called to schedule another service Call Smell Gas leaking after new valve was installed Phone Rep stated they couldn't get anyone out for 2 days.