I spoke with a rep on Jan 23rd and agreed to an autopay for $472 on Feb 14th...they took the funds on the Jan 24th overdrawing my account and my car insurance lapsed because the funds that were there were unavailable. Isn't this the same as STEALING?

They helped themselves to my account that they weren't authorized to do! Was told it was human error, unaccaptable! You have a payment option in place, it should work. Had it been the other way around, I'd be harrassed with phone calls.

There clear was a lack of sensitivity and accountability to the situation.

Based on the "human error" my financial situation is a mess and leaves me with a lot of work and stress to clean it up.

Now I can't do anything the transaction clears, it's "pending", then it will take Sears 48 hours to refund it and any fees the bank charges. You stole from my account, there has to be more that can be reimbursed here!!!

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