It is amazing that they offer a 4 hour window and then don't show up for the repair service: They are certainly a lot more efficient selling product insurance on the phone for appliance that always seems to break within 6 weeks of the initial guarantee running out!

I have been waiting for 5 hours; have called customer service 3 times to be told that all they can do is send a text to the repir company to contact the customer but have no control over the repair service: A big black hole of information that is then covered by stating that the 4 hr window is only an estimate and why am I calling when he is only 30 mins late? After questioning the process I got transferred to another customer service rep who was able to see that I was customer #11 and that the repair guy was only on number 6. Why the first 3 sears customer service guys could noy give me that information is strange. At what point do they realise that they overbooked? When do they reach out to the customers who have been waiting for 4+ hours to let them know? Why do they make you feel like it is your fault and just keep waiting? All I got from sears reps was it is not our fault, you should keep waiting and hopefully he should get to you by the end of the day or reschedule. But of course cannot guarantee he will show up next time either!

what part of customer service am I missing here. This is also not the first time I have had a similiar experience unfortunately I have several sears appliances that have all had issues (which explains the constant junk mail from sears for extending warranties).

I cannot recommend sears for their stoves or refridgerators, their customer service or their repair service.


extremely frustrated (ex) customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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