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Purchased a Frigidaire Side-by-Side unit from Sears, along with their "Extended Warranty".

Icemaker stopped functioning July 4th; Repair Service was contacted. What a Joke!

First available appointment wasn't until 3 weeks later-7/25. Stayed home from work for a No Show, No Call by Sears and lodged a complaint.

On 7/26, I'm at work, Sears calls to say Repair Tech is on the way. Cancel appointments, rush home, another No Show. Lodged another complaint, given an 8/5 appointment from a "Supervisor" who I advised to instruct Repair Tech. to bring along a complete new Ice Making unit for the appointment.

8/5 appointment time was from 8-12; at 11:45, call Sears to be told "I'm next in line" then get a call from a Repair Tech who states "Repair Service doesn't know what they're doing; I don't know when I'll be at your home". He shows up at 4:45....NO Ice Maker, NO Work Order; the guy had NO idea why he was even there. Blamed it on his computer.

Next, Sears ships a new Ice Maker and, without notice, calls (via automated message) on 8/24, to say I have appointment next day.

8/25....another NO SHOW!

Have filed complaint with NYS Office of Consumer Affairs and will seek legal action against Sears for their Breach of Contract in not honoring the terms of an Extended Warranty which they sold me.

The excuse now given is that since KMart purchased Sears, all service has gone downhill; well, when a company has thousands of complaints, that's the first hint that you have BIG problems! Do something about it, instead of outsourcing your Customer Service to people who can't/won't speak English and who don't give a rat's *** about the fact that Sears is screwing the American public!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Sears also strong arms you into paying a separate service call charge for each appliance. I had them work on three appliances, there less than 30 minutes, installed one part at $24.00 and wanted $600.00 for service call.

There were a number of issues with setting an appointment as well. I will not use Sears again.


Repair guy walked off the job today at my house because "he'd had enough today" Did not complete job, insisted full payment (which he did not get), and left my refridgerator in the middle of my kitchen. Called Sears to complain, of course since it's outsourced, they don't understand english :( Was told they could not send someone until NEXT Friday (10/3), today is 9/23!

Told them unacceptable, they then said someone will be at my house between 8-5 9/25. Told me I would have to pay for ANOTHER service call. B.S. To that!

I agreed just so they would make the appointment, but they will not get a dime from me to put my refidgerator back where it belongs. Filed a complaint against the tech from today and told Sears they better not send the same person to my house on Thursday, otherwise I will call the cops on him, as he was flat out rude and threatening towards me.