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1. Our home warranty company called Sears and setup a repair appointment for our washing machine on 2/8/11.

2. Sears cancelled the appointment and rescheduled on 2/19/11.

3. Again Sears called and cancelled the appointment on 2/19/11 and rescheduled to 2/26/11 between the hours of 1:00pm-5:00pm.

Overjoyed and excited to finally stop going to the laundry to wash our clothes, we were home from 8:00am- until the time of this post.

As the hours marched on we received no calls from Sears, so I called the phone number they provided to confirm our appointment. I was told at 5:30pm that although the technician had not called we were his next service call. Having never placed a service call with Sears we were happy that we were next even though the hour was late.

At 8:00pm I called Sears again since the technician never showed and did not call. I was told that the technician notes indicated that he called and came to our home. I told the customer rep that was a LIE. She transferred me to Customer Care.

Customer Care should change their name to "Customer's we Careless" since they were not any help at all. I asked them to make things right by having someone other than the LIAR to come out on Monday. Their only reply was our next appointment is Friday.

Shame on Sears who has no concept of Customer Service, excellent or otherwise. If you live in the Northern Virginia area, please do not place any service calls with Sears.

I complained this evening to my home warranty company who promptly took care of the situation. I hope they dicontinue sending service calls to Sears.

Sears has reaffirmed what I always thought about them, "They Suck".


Pissed in Northern VA.

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Did the same here the tech never showed and never called but they told me he came and no one was home. Been trying to get a stove fixed for 3 months now One Tech left an electrical part in the back that was melted the next Tech replaced that and ordered the same parts the other tech took back.

Have been rescheduled for the 3 time now. Today they were supposed to come and called and said they couldn't make it have to reschedule another 2 weeks so mad I hung up on him just as soon to go buy another stove BUT NOT FROM SEARS

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