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Note to consumers who aren't getting any help from Sears for a lemon Samsung frig: CALL SAMSUNG AND WORK WITH THEM INSTEAD OF SEARS. Samsung's customer service (800-726-7864) is superlative!

Sears should take lessons from them. Samsung is buying back my refrigerator for exactly what I paid 2 years ago (less taxes), after declaring it a "defective unit." I only had to provide documentation that Sears tried to fix it five times -- once Samsung had that paperwork they declared the frig defective and are refunding my money.

Original review posted by user Sep 06, 2015

Sears has taken THREE MONTHS and FIVE service calls and still not fixed my Samsung refrigerator. Yesterday my tenants said the frig AGAIN has stopped working. Sears at the El Cajon service center repeatedly sends incompetent technicians. Here's the history of my situation–this includes verbatim comments from emails from my tenants, Dave and Adriana, who live in the house where the refrigerator is:• May 30: Adriana calls to say the refrigerator is not cooling below 50.• May 31: Adriana and Dave troubleshoot from the manual’s suggestions: We checked for excess dust etc. behind, as well as proper distance around and behind. I tried the express cool function, and reset to factory recommended temps. I adjusted the temp. in the freezer up a couple of degrees, and turned off the ice maker. None of this made a difference. • June 2 : Richard the El Cajon factory service center tells Adriana the evaporator motor needs replacing. I (Marti) paid him $356.84 via credit card over the phone, thinking he DID the work--but because he was so hard to understand, I did not realize he merely ordered a part.• June 2, from Adriana: Yes, he was very difficult to understand, but the parts he ordered are an evaporator fan motor, and evap cover. • June 9: The refrigerator part that was ordered is installed.• June 18: The frig is not working again. In regard to the freezer, we asked the repairman to make sure the icemaker was working properly before he left as it had never been used. He made mention that the water "leaked over a little," and was very quick to disregard the issue. It was not until it produced more ice that we realized it was much more than just a little spilling over. • July 9: The repairman for the fridge has determined that the unit was originally misdiagnosed. The actual cause for the problem is the defrost heater for the refrigerator. Marti, you will be receiving a refund of some of the previous cost. He is currently trying to figure out how to do that.In diagnosing the issue, he discovered that the refrigerator is plugged into an outlet that is not grounded. His company regulations do not allow him to plug the unit back into that outlet. I have temporarily run an extension cord to the dining room outlet that he says is grounded. He has also strongly suggested leaving the unit unplugged completely to allow for complete defrost in preparation for the next repair.(Note from Marti: I send an electrician, at a fee of $75, to check the outlet, which I was certain was grounded because I’d had every outlet in the house grounded during a remodel. He verified that yes it is grounded, so the technician was wrong. His ignorance cost me the $75 service call.)• July 9: The defrost heater for the fridge is ordered, but has to be shipped from overseas. The repair cannot be scheduled until July 21. The repairman said that the freezer can be used for now, but the fridge is not cold enough to keep anything except some veggies. We worked out of a cooler while the fridge was out of order last time, but considering the increased length of time for this repair, we are requesting there be a temporary replacement.(Note from Marti: I buy a used, 20-year-old, $85 frig for Adriana and Dave to use while the 2-year-old $1600 frig waits to get repaired properly. I also tell Adriana to take $100 off the next month's rent to help keep them from moving out. They are unhappy with the inconvenience, understandably.)• July 21: The part ordered for the refrigerator was not the correct one. The tech said he has never seen one configured quite like this one. He had to call support in Texas to explain the issue. Because of ordering through support, I have no paperwork this time.• July 29: The repairman for the frig left a few minutes ago.The part is in, and the unit is starting to cool. He said it was about $15 more, but he made the charge go away (I can't see how they could charge you given all this!).• Sept 5, Adriana calls to say the refrigerator is not working again and they’ve had to haul the 20-year-old $85 one back in from the garage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $260.

Preferred solution: I am out $260--in addition to the repair cost--because Sears repeatedly sends incompetent technicians. As a result I had to buy my tenants a temp frig ($85), reduce their rent $100 to keep them from moving, and needlessly pay $75 to an electrician.

I didn't like: Abominable customer service, Incompetent repair technicians repeatedly, Callous customer service reps attitudes repeatedly, Bureaucratic layers in corporate office.

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