Coarsegold, California

Sears has 3x sent me the incorrect part which they ordered. I have finally started opening it to verify that it is the correct part and upon discovering that it is the incorrect part once again, I have tried calling them.

getting them on the telephone to obtain the correct part requires an act of congress. i feel like i am an expert in Muzak now. i have been on hold now for approximately 1.25 hours waiting for a supervisor. While doing this i am researching complaint routes and found this website.

I will NEVER buy another appliance from Sears again. I have been with out the use of my stove since September.

What can we do? This is maddening.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Website.

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as a repair tech for sears I wouldn't be the first to say that most techs are less than properly trained. Most are straight off the street with some knowledge in electronics.

If you can pass the test/background check/drug test you get the job. As for training. well you get to ride with a senior tech for if you are luck 2 weeks. It gives you a rough idea of what you are expected to do.

With the constant new appliances being built many of us have no idea how to repair some of them. We do share tricks of the trade between us. A lot of times our hands are tied because of our tech support rules that even though we may know what is causing the problem but won't authorize the correct parts therefore creating a long drawn out several weeks long repair call. If we just order the parts without authorization we get in trouble and stand to lose our jobs.

As for service plans well they can be good or a waste of money. As with all master service plans if there are 4 repairs within a 12 month period. machine is not economical to repair or no parts available. Sears normally will replace it with the next comparable model.

However no service plan will replace a machine if problem is caused by rust or if cust attempts to repair the machine themselves. I have gone out of my way to help customers resolve issues with sears and appliance manuf. Most are happy with what I tell them to do to get results usually saving them money. Also Sears repair is on its way out.

They are converting all its techs over to A&E Factory Services which is a joint venture between Sears and Whirlpool. A&E unlike Sears techs work with appliances bought at other stores like Lowes/Home Depot and Best Buy. A&E also works through many insurance companies and has to answer to them also so if you deal with them please be patient as they may be having to follow your insurance companies repair instructions.

Not all insurance companies will pay for everything. read the fine print before you buy any service plan through a insurance company.


Air conditioner went on the fritz 2 weeks ago and phoned Sears Warranty to respond. Technician came out 2 days later and advised that the part would need to be ordered and that he would be back the following Wensday.

Wensday came and the tech returned and the part not delivered yet so call Sears again.

They claimed the part was shipped but unable to provide tracking number and refered me to the vendor that they get part from who informed me they didn't have part in stock and were getting it from another vendor.

This is not the first bad experience we have had with Sears over the same air conditioner unit and in this Florida humidity, it's horrible. I or my family will no longer be purchasing anything detrimental from this company due to there consistant lack of quality service.

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