I returned a Kenmore vacuum I bought sometime ago that was returned in like new conditions with all accessories.

I returned it as the quality of the item isn't what I would have expected from Kenmore/Sears 5-10 years ago but now my expectations are different.

Sears deliberately writes their terms & conditions to give them on the spot discretionary power.

"Restocking fees are applicable on certain home appliances, electronics, etc."

When phrased this way, they can exercise discretion on the spot and allow them to exercise policies that was implemented AFTER the date of purchase.

Stores are not required to accept returns, however if they offer it on receipt, that's a contractual conditions on which you've purchased the item.

The clerk looked up on the computer and said "restocking fee of 15% applies on this item". I let them keep the $6.00. I consider it a tuition for lesson to avoid Sears.

The clerk then asked for my phone number. I refused. Clerk then lied to me to get me to give out the information.

"We need to have the phone number associated with your credit card to get the return to go through"

I stated that receipt doesn't state refusal to provide additional doesn't revoke my right to return, therefore, I will not allow Sears to have my phone number.

She pushed the return through and I got my money back, minus the 15%. Her statement that my phone number that's associated with the card is necessary to push the return was a bald faced lie as it went through without it.

It would seem that they just WANT to have your phone number for internal tracking purpose.

Monetary Loss: $6.


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Sears did it to me today over a Pop rivit gun, they wanted my drivers license number, I refused and they refused to honor the tool warranty!What do people do who don't have a drivers license.

Someone should file a class action suit. It worked for the voting rights act!

Wow Sears bought KMart and became worse for it.No wonder they are looking money and market shares....from this day forward I will only buy tools at Lowe's or snap on...

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Just on the phone number thing.In some states there is a law, mostly for use in tracking organized retail crime, that makes that information (name, address, phone, drivers license number, etc) a legal requirement.

A customer who provides false information can be arrested. If you knew how much or that ORC is out there you would see why.

So the information may not be in the return policy because it doesn't have to be. It is still required. On the flip side, is the information being used for marketing, absolutely, addresses are pulled from it and you get junk mail.

we are all kind of stuck with it though.Best bet have a receipt or remember which credit card you used.


i was a victim of restocking fee..i didnt read the receipt, but this is a new policy and it should have been told to me by the clerk..

who read the receipt.. i go by the original policy which is customer satisfaction guarantee.. how could u know if u like the product if u don't open it and try the dam thing..i bought it back the next day less than 24 hrs and i was willing to take another tv which was bigger. and they still wanted restocking fee..

i took a 50 dollar penalty, but they'll never see me again..they lost a good custmer for 50 dollars oh and i cut up there card, it aint worth a dime.


@ Get Over It- If it's okay for Sears to steal from you then fine, but don't dare try to tell the rest of us that becuz we wish to do a return for whatever reason we should not be allow to receive our money..I contacted the Better Business Bureau on their *** and if anyone wish to join me in a lawsuit by all means contact me at otteyl@yahoo.com they are a rip off and will be exposed.


Okay people quit complaining about places because you don't like their policies.They are a business and they have to stay open like anyone else.

Its not their fault you are too *** to read the receipt about a restocking fee,cuz guess what they have those everywhere. Sears is probably the best place to shop in all reality. They have the best service department and best service plans. The customer service is the best and their prices are always the lowest.

If your gonna complain about them not letting you return something, technically its not their fault you bought something you couldnt use or didn't like.Why should they lose money because you don't like something.


I placed a refrigerator and stove on lay-away, paid faithfully even though whenever I had a question I can't getting put through one number after the next even to set up my sears account on-line I could not get help..anywho I installed the stove and the refrigerator was the wrong height, can't do anything over the phone must go back to the store at this point I just want my money back and now after reading over the comments. I hope and pray everything goes well today.


Sears refused credit for a roto-tiller I won at a fund raiser with no receipt but the buyers name and phone number. This is not the sears I am used to, and will encourage all I can to cease doing business with sears

to weldon cooper 2149 Beatrice st Chicago, Illinois, United States #567185

You are *** retarted, of course your not getting credit you didn't buy it.


Just returned something I had bought earlier today.Some stores ask for a phone number, which they did, I complied, next they wanted my full name and address, I was like are you kidding me, you're not getting that, it's irrelevant to the purchase as I paid in cash.

He went to get the manager, he comes over and over rides it and says 'that's a first', then asked if there was anything wrong about me not giving them my info and maybe they could do something about any bad experiences, I replied I don't need to give any of that. He gave me my money back.

So yea, don't fall for it, they either spam the *** out of your info, sell it to other companies, and/or track you. Sounds like Best Buy, where you need an ID for returns.

No wonder these 2 companies are going bankrupt.;)


I reported the writer "Customer are cheats, liars".This person probably is a Sears Management Staff.

It should be banned from here.A person without perspective.

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