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I returned a Kenmore vacuum I bought sometime ago that was returned in like new conditions with all accessories.

I returned it as the quality of the item isn't what I would have expected from Kenmore/Sears 5-10 years ago but now my expectations are different.

Sears deliberately writes their terms & conditions to give them on the spot discretionary power.

"Restocking fees are applicable on certain home appliances, electronics, etc."

When phrased this way, they can exercise discretion on the spot and allow them to exercise policies that was implemented AFTER the date of purchase.

Stores are not required to accept returns, however if they offer it on receipt, that's a contractual conditions on which you've purchased the item.

The clerk looked up on the computer and said "restocking fee of 15% applies on this item". I let them keep the $6.00. I consider it a tuition for lesson to avoid Sears.

The clerk then asked for my phone number. I refused. Clerk then lied to me to get me to give out the information.

"We need to have the phone number associated with your credit card to get the return to go through"

I stated that receipt doesn't state refusal to provide additional doesn't revoke my right to return, therefore, I will not allow Sears to have my phone number.

She pushed the return through and I got my money back, minus the 15%. Her statement that my phone number that's associated with the card is necessary to push the return was a bald faced lie as it went through without it.

It would seem that they just WANT to have your phone number for internal tracking purpose.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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I purched some furniture from sears. I specifically asked about the 20% restocking fee.

I told the women on the phone that since I couldn't see the item in person, I was leary of ordering it...what if I didn't like it? She said that this restocking fee would most likely not be applied if that turned out to be the case, because it was hardly ever envoked by sears. WELL...I ordered, recieved products, wanted to send them back...wasn't not the quality I expected....was TOLD I HAD TO PAY $35.00 PICKUP FEE AND 20% RESTOCKING FEE.

I am discusted with sears and I haven't decided what I am going to do about these items I seem to stuck with for now. I DO KNOW THAT I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN ANOTHER SEARS STORE OR ORDER FROM THE CATALOUGE AGAIN!!!!!


Gotta love Sears. They used to sell Morphine and Opium in the original catalogues. :eek


I understand the policy at stores and why they do it. I worked a return counter and clearly people use a GPS for vacation and return it within 30 days.

Camcorder for a wedding and return it 2 days later. Yes even snow blowers and return just before 90 days.

Cheater, thieves and liars made the stores put such policies forth. You used to tell who was honest and who wasn't not today though.


I bought a fitness machine at Sears. This machine weights a couple hundred pounds so we had to rip the box to get it out.

It took about 5 hours to set it up. After it was assembled we were excited to try it. The machine made a horrific noise. As we took a closer look, a part of the machine that we did not assemble was bent and was scrapping on some plastic casing.

I called sears immediately and yes I was told that I could return this item with a 20% restocking fee. The machine was 1500.00 so because they sent me a defective product and I ripped a 20 dollar box I would be charged 250.00 for returning a defective product. I will never buy anything from this retailer again.

I have a young family and have bought many large items from sears in the past. I will have many years of buying and like Gary above plan on telling as many people about this experience.


my brother worked at sears for about a year and a half cuz of the eco crisis they had to let him go but they were always easy on reurns he wrkd in the elec dept and i never heard of anything like that. theyr return policy is as easy as walmart!

n they have amazing deals!

ive gotten many 60 dollar items for 10 bucks or less. (not with employee discount)


I bought GPS from Sears it is not working fine means it is slowely respond so i return back they charge stocking fee. I don't know what kind of business they have. Please beware SEARS ....


If you buy things from Sears and you don't like it you will pay the 15% of the purchase price. You might as well use the product for 89 days since Sears policy states you can return it in 90 days.

You will pay 15% if you open and return it the same day. I usually buy at COSTCO and the always refund me 100 if I have all the packaging and the receipt.


I bought a microwave oven with a stove from sears on 12/20. My wife opened it and she did not like it.

I returned it on 12/29/09. The stuff was at home for a week due to the holiday but did not use it. Sears charged me 15% for stocking. The cashiers have a lee way and if they don't like your or if they are in a bad mood they take the stocking fee.

I talked to the customer service and he told the cashier to give the full refund but the cashier refused. However I should have read the small letters that state the stocking fee. I will never buy anything from sears unless I really like the stuff. I am planning to return all non electronics holiday items I bought from sears.

When you buy they tell you that the thing can be returned in 90 days but they keep quiet about the 15% stocking charge. Legally they can do it though.


I dont understand why people complain and act as if every store has the same policy, they are different stores for a reason. And to return something used is just plain out dumb, especially if its been well over 3months!


I purchased a 50in. Plasma TV on 12/16/09 at Sears in Mattoon Illinois.

I received one as a Christmas present on 12/17/09. On 12/18/09, 48hrs.later, I returned the one I purchased to the store with all the original packing. The TV had been opened but never used and packaged back the way it was when I bought it. I was charged $120.00 restocking fee, and was paid back my refund of $700 of the $820 that I paid for the TV 48 hrs.

ago. This TV had been opened, but was not hooked up because I was waiting on the cable company. It was returned with all of the original packing just as I had bought it. I paid with cash and a check, which was debited out of my account at the time of the purchase and handed back to me.

The apparent Manager on duty told me I would receive a refund check in 7 to 10 days in the mail. After letting him know that I should be paid back in cash, he paid me back $700 in $10 bills. When I questioned then ten dollar bills, his comment was “Well your just going to put in the bank anyway.” Well it certainly wouldn’t fit in my wallet. I am 50 years old, and have shopped at Sears all my life.

I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of appliances, mowers, clothes and tools. Here is why I will never shop at Sears again, a $120 restocking fee for returning something I purchased 48hrs. earlier , and being paid back $700 in $10 bills because the Manager was mad that I wanted my money back when I gave the TV back. Would you ever let me buy a $800 TV with the understanding that you would receive a check in the mail in 7 to 10 days?

Wal Mart does not keep 15% of your money when you return an item, electronic or not. So here’s how this works. My Grandfather had a Sears riding lawn mower, so when my dad grew up he bought a Sears riding lawn mower. Guess what kind of lawn mower I have?

Now, since I will never buy from Sears again. Where do you think my son is going to buy his lawn mower? Here is the other thing to consider. I am going to tell everyone that will listen, friends, family, co-workers about this unbelievable story of how I was treated on this deal at Sears.

This might not sound like it will put a dent in Sears business, but the Sears in our town only has a population of about 30,000 people. I do not want this to sound like any kind of threat, but if I can get 30 or 40 of my friends and family and their friends and family to quit shopping at Sears for this reason, then I have accomplished my goal. Now here is another ‘believe it or not.’ While I was waiting to return this item, I was convinced I was going to buy a $400 Blu Ray home theater system that was on display. Unfortunately I will shop elsewhere for this item now.

The total amount you will lose on this return will be a lot more than the $120 dollars I lost by buying this at your store. If you chose to resolve any of this issue, I would be glad to listen.


The system does actually need to link your phone number to your receipt for your benefit.. If you lost your receipt you'd be screwed.

Giving your phone number at POS keeps that transaction in the system...

You also say it was in like new meaning it was opened and the item cannot be put back out to be sold to another customer. It has to be sent back to the manufacturer..


Except for the users of products and returns how about spending money like us good people do instead of complaining. Most of you are users of a product for a few then send the expense back to the employee's which comes out of their paycheck.

I don't think you will have chance upstairs. Now a hundred thousand employees have been trained to understand you needs and requirements. They work hard at it. And just like you work for a living.

Continue and Sears will not be around as you wish. Then you will have to prey on another place. Believe me everyone at Sears has heard every sad and fake story. Walmat clothes returned to Sears.

Vacuums returned to Sears. It doesn't happen. This is not test drive, burn it up and return.

Typical is buy a dress and shoes and return, buy tools and return, by lawn and garden, return. We know it all.


One last thing, if you don't read the return policy before then you can NOT blame the retailer. Likewise, if you don't read a STOP sign then you can't BLAME the traffic department.


I appreciate all the feedback to this consumer. Unfortunately, there are customers that abuse return policies and products.

There are consumers that think they are exempt and the 'policy doesn't apply to them'.

This unfortunately ruins it for the rest of consumers by raising prices, forcing retailers to be more stringent, less flexible. It's a phone number not a privacy violation.


It's the idiots like the guy that started this complaint that make working in retail so frustrating yet so amusing at the same time. It's like the customers don't read the return policy BEFORE they buy something (even though it's easy to find) then they complain about it afterwords.

If you don't like a company's return policy then don't buy from them. Oh wait, let me guess Sears intentionally withheld their return policy from you before you made your purchase?

Or they gave you a false policy, then changed it after you purchased the item? Gimme a break.


For the *** that returned A USED vacuum... First off...

the return policy is 90 days unless you have a warranty on it and I'm guessing that you didn't. So "some time ago" would be over 90 days correct? AND since you returned it late, the poor sales woman had to get your information to push it through because there was no more record of your purchase in the system. She did not lie to you...

but because you refused to give it out... she was forced to put a false one in which would mess up your info. in the system, but I guess that doesn't matter now does it?

Sears does not have any interest in tracking ignorant morans like yourself. But I must admit, that it's people like you who make Sears employees jobs amusing.


First I'd like to say that whenever I needed to return something at Wal-Mart, Target, Sam's Club, and Kohl's I never had a problem and no questions were asked. I returned a portable DVD player in mint condition to Sears after 1 week .

I found the same player in Sam's Club for 90.00 less. I was told I had to pay a Restocking Fee and was asked all kinds of questions. They failed to tell me that they would match the price plus take 10% off. Sears is hurting so bad because places like Wal-Mart etc...

blow them out of the water.

I'm sure it won't be long before you see this major chain go Bankrupt like the rest of the greedy corps! :(


Any store you go to you see a return policy on the back Target, BestBuy, Walmart, etc etc! Now if everyone would read all the info all the way through you all would not have a problem.

Now lets get to the point of returns: You have 90days to return it if you dont like it and you have that option, but you dont keep it for a whole year and then try to return it. Thats not their problem they have to charge you a restocking fee or cant return it because its soo old they cant go back that far for ur receipt!

And why dont we all think carefully about purchasing an item, using it then bringing it back. They have to take a hit on that because it was used, would you buy a used product full price. Customers buying the wrong size, wrong color, decided they just didnt want it, all other excuses..

at the end think about it you all get the better end of the deal!!!

So stop complaining about sears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big babies!!!!!!!!!


My problem is with furnice parts. They sent me the wrong one.

I cannot get them to take it back and just send me the right one. I am out over $200 with a control panel that won't fit to show for it. This spring, out comes the Kenmore and in will go another brand, this furnice has been nothing but troble since I had it installed.

I will never shop at Sears again for anything. I have learned my expensive lesson.


Even if the customer has an older reciept that says can return with-in a reasonable period of time and does NOT mention the restocking fee or 30-90 day return period the newER 90 day policy now defines reasonable period of time.

The restocking fee is a stipulation if you want to return it as-is.

The phone number is as much about tracking returns and NOT the credit card.Many people give fake phone numbers.Many employees will just put in the store number if the customer won't give their home phone.They canNOT force you to do it but it is a blank space that must be filled out or the computer won't process it.

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