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I returned a Kenmore vacuum I bought sometime ago that was returned in like new conditions with all accessories.

I returned it as the quality of the item isn't what I would have expected from Kenmore/Sears 5-10 years ago but now my expectations are different.

Sears deliberately writes their terms & conditions to give them on the spot discretionary power.

"Restocking fees are applicable on certain home appliances, electronics, etc."

When phrased this way, they can exercise discretion on the spot and allow them to exercise policies that was implemented AFTER the date of purchase.

Stores are not required to accept returns, however if they offer it on receipt, that's a contractual conditions on which you've purchased the item.

The clerk looked up on the computer and said "restocking fee of 15% applies on this item". I let them keep the $6.00. I consider it a tuition for lesson to avoid Sears.

The clerk then asked for my phone number. I refused. Clerk then lied to me to get me to give out the information.

"We need to have the phone number associated with your credit card to get the return to go through"

I stated that receipt doesn't state refusal to provide additional doesn't revoke my right to return, therefore, I will not allow Sears to have my phone number.

She pushed the return through and I got my money back, minus the 15%. Her statement that my phone number that's associated with the card is necessary to push the return was a bald faced lie as it went through without it.

It would seem that they just WANT to have your phone number for internal tracking purpose.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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I went online and bought parts for my $2000.00 Kenmore BBQ that was two years old and rudsted out. Yes I covered it.

Anyway I spent $470.00 on the parts and over night I decided to just buy a new one. So I called up Sears and asked to cancel. Well they said I couldn't cancel and on line order, not even one that they haven't pulled or shipped yet. So I played their game and waited til I got the parts.

Call Sears and asked what do I do now. Take it to the US Mail and ship it back, which I would have to pay for, their cost to ship 4 boxes to me was $16.00. So off to the post office. Guess what one box is too big to ship back to Sears.

So I go to UPS which was the shipper, Oh they will ship the box for $124.00. I called Sears and they basically said it was my problem since I had the parts. So I called USP and said I never signed for these pacjkages please come and pick them up, which they did.



Sears charged me 15% on fridge that didn't even make to my house. I changed my mind on the purchase less than 24 hrs later


As I understand the Sears return policy, they only charge the restock fee, within the return period, IF you've opened the product. For the *** that bought a microwave THEN took it home to see if it fit, you got what you deserved.

It's a microwave, not a pair of shoes. Once you opened it, and return it, Sears can't sell it for full price.

For the *** that bought the vacuum, took it home and used it, then tried to take it back....how much did you spend on it? I'll be it was a LOT less than a top of the line Kirby.

That being said, why would you expect it to perform like one? If I'm a clerk and someone brings a used appliance like that back to me, the answer would certianly be "no".


I was going to buy a microwave at Sears in Lake Jackson (almost an hour from my house), we have a built-in space for one in our kitchen. I wasn't positive the microwave would fit and didn't want to drive all the way back to Lake Jackson to return it.

So I asked the sales clerk if I could return it to Bay City (closer to where I live). She said yes, but there would be a 15% restocking fee. I asked if that was because I would be returning it to a different store and she said, No. That is if you return it to any store.

Well, I had just returned one to Target (decided I didn't like it!) and they had NO problem accepting it back with no fees!

I've always shopped Sears and been pleased 99% of the time - but I will be VERY careful of my purchases there and I won't buy anything expensive like a new riding lawnmower that my husband is drooling over!

What if I had to take it back - I'm not paying $300 to restock a $2000 dollar item! I'll buy elsewhere!


They sell junk and ugly clothes. I never shop there after they gave me a hard time trying to return a new dyer that did not get hot enough to dry my delicates.

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