Bellevue, Wisconsin
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I just experienced trying to return some clothing purchased for a client who has Down syndrome it was 2 days past the 30 days but they would not take it back because of the 30-day strict policy when I asked if there was something that they could do they said absolutely not I told them this person did not have any concept of deadline time and gave it to me to return only that day they stood firm and said there was nothing that they could do or would do because that was their new policy is *** as it is I cannot believe Sears is still in business but I can't believe that Sears Kmart is in jeopardy if this is the kind of *** that they call customer service then they deserve to be out of business and I hope soon unbelievable they should be ashamed that they would bring people in to buy their product and not stand behind it I can understand if it was 30 days to weeks even out from the from their policy of 30 days but two days and the circumstances unbelievable shame on you Sears shame on you

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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