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We purchased a king size bed that was not delivered as promised. My husband took the day off to wait for the delivery, only to get a call at 5:00 pm saying they vould not delivering it that day.

He set another delivery date. It didn't work out, nor could they deliver the bed on a Saturday when most people are off. Did I mention that we needed the bed for that very weekend? I did to the Sears salesman when I was purchasing it.

But he assured us it would be delived prior the weekend when it was needed. On Monday I called sears and told them that I was canceling the order, that I was no longer was willing to stay home from work to wait on a delivey. She told me that I would have yo come into the store in order to do that. I told her that no I would not be traveling 30 miles out of my way that she had all the identifying information to cancel it, to not deliver it or bill me.

Well so far they , Why not Lease it, has taken $333.00 of mine, when I have no merchandise. It does state in the contract that you have 60 days to cancel. I canceled my bank card so they could not make anymore withrawals on my account. Now they are calling me and harassing me, saying that I am behind on my payments.

Oh, did I mention that I called Why Not Lease It, where I spent at least 1 hour on the phone with a representative who assured me that she would personally call sears, get varification from them that I did not recieve the merchandise and then send me my refund. Well so far they call me, I call them and I get absolutely no where! One man I spoke with said, you have to do this and you have to do that. OMG...I told him that due to me being the consumer, that he works for me and he was going to either help or not and if he couldn't then maybe his supervisor could.

Guess what she couldn't help me either. None of the people at Why Not Lease It have a clue. My last straw is I am filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau. So if anyone is reading this, please, please save yourself the hazel and money.

Don't buy from Sears and don't go through Why Not Lease it. Its no wonder Sears and K-Mart are goi g out of business.

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