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sears is a horrible place to work. Sears seems to hire very low class weird *** and pathetic people and literally harass bully and demean good people and associates.

the managers there are children who are arrogant rude bullies and losers and run the place like a circus or zoo and only hire zoo animals to work there. The male managers abuse women and people as they want and do whatever they want and get away with it. management is corrupt and unethical and its a disturbing place to work and a disturbing place in general.

Sears will take a hard working good associates and treat good associates like criminals, even interrogating them abusing and mistreating them for NO reason, while rewarding every low life, loser obnoxious thug like *** and loser around.

They also seem to hire only low class obnoxious people to work there. at sears people can parade around like animals screaming yelling going nuts...and no one cares, but they will take honest hard working decent associates and criminalize them and bully them for no reason demean and talk down to them while rewarding all the thugs bullies and retards that go around screaming and yelling for no reason and being loud and rude. Sears is definitely NOT anti-bullying...they are for bullying as they promote losers into management who can bully others as they want. the managers at sears enjoy breaking down good decent people, through various forms of bullying abuse and mistreatment.

Despite there being many call centers that are really bad and terrible out there...I can safely say that sears is the absolute WORST and with the bad customer service these losers provide, they are lucky to be in business. They reward only loud obnoxious crazy associates, and disregard those who really deserve recognition and do not give recognition tot hose who deserve it.

sears is a really bad unethical and terrible place to work. and sears managers even borderline assault female associates (not sexually but just assault) and keep doing it not really caring...the management is the worst beware of this company and its hideous tactics and practices....

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I even attempted calling sears complaints line- I got two rude African American women who were just weird and rude. I mean they can't find polite people to work at their company or other companies, or even competent people who just do their jobs.

These women were just rude, and one yelled in my ear? one was disturbed because there was a clock going off in the background and began saying it was music (huh)? does sears only hire trash people to work for them? ..just the rudest weirdest people ever.

You try calling in to file a complaint, and get ruder people on the phone? There is something really wrong with this company.

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