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I bought a chainsaw at Sears 6 months ago. I got the extended warranty because I cut wood for heat and knew it would need tune ups and such. Went back to Sears when the bar froze on me. I took my service contract as well as my receipt. I stepped up to the counter and talked to the associate about the problem and she looked up my service agreement. She could find neither the contract or any indication that I had purchased the saw. I took out my contract/receipt and gave it to her. She took it in the back and came out looking at me as if I had written one up myself and it was a phony. I talked to the manager and at this point was getting very irate. He acted as if I was a thief and had fabricated this whole thing. After comparing signatures from a sales associates on the contract he finally led me to the parts dept. where I was told that the parts weren't covered. I pointed out the clause in the contract that clearly stated it was covered and they *** footed around telling me that only certain parts were covered and that it was going to be 2 weeks to repair. I said fine. I had 4 weeks before I had to start the wood and figured this would be plenty of time.

Three weeks later and no call, I called them. They said it wasn't in. I asked why and was told that the parts weren't available right then and it would be another 2 weeks. I flew down there, demanded my saw. The handed me the saw along with a bill for the "handling and diagnostic" fee which I promptly shoved back in their face telling them that they had not completed their part of the contract and in no place on it was any "diagnostic or handling" fee. She said it was in there and I asked her to show me and of course she couldn't. I grabbed my saw and walked out.

Yesterday I bought a husqvarna saw at my local dealer that came with a new chain and free tune ups for two years along with a blanket warranty lasting four years which I had to pay NOTHING extra for. Sears is a RIP OFF....NEVER EVER SHOP THERE!!!!!

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