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I ordered the Bosch Tassimo T65 brewer at the Sears Store for $139.99 on the 10th of December as the product was out of stock and picked it on the 16th. Walmart is selling the same for $118 and Canadian Tire for $99.99.

I took the flyer to the Sears store and requested a price match. The customer service staff at the counter refused.

The supervisor, a lady by name of Lisa was dismissive and rude and when I asked for five minutes of her time said "you have one minute". Sears is really ripping of customers; not to mention disrespectful of them.

Monetary Loss: $139.

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Sears says they use Monroe brand shocks and struts. If Sears doesn't have them in stock they call Autozone.

Autozone doesn't sell Monroe brand. Who is ripping off who?



Sears corporate office called a short while ago and apologized and refunded the money to my card.

Thank you Sears.



The new price came after I purchased.


Wait a minute. YOU bought something then LATER found out it was cheaper somewhere else, so YOU blame the store for selling it to you at the price they sold it to you because your not smart enough to price compare BEFORE you shop? Go away, your boring me with your attitude.

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