I went to a Sears hardware store in Westvale NY (outside of Syracuse) for vacuum bags and filter. The filter was 9.99 on peg, but it is 19.99 at checkout.

Clerk goes to aisle, brings sign back to counter, it says 19.99. I go back, find the peg with the filters on it which says 9.99. Which one do you believe? Doesn't matter, no joy.

And I tell them I can get the bags online, 10 bags for 9.99. They want 6 bucks for 3 bags! I told them to pack in the filter. Found it online at vacuumsinc.com for 10 bucks, same item.

Cost all of 29 cents to make....and it's only 4 x 6 inches! At these prices, they should go out of business.

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