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I called Sears to come and look at my TV, because it was not working - The repair man came in took the back off and said hum - it could be a blown fuse - went out in his truck brought back a fuse and installed it - the TV worked. He put the back on the TV and typed out a billed - $ 211.32 -


It cost me 207.76 & the fuse was 3.56..

I told the repair man this was to much, he said its

what it is.

For a 3.56 fuse

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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got a lawnmower not even a year ago had a problem got another one still same problem with the second one got warranty on it still have to pay 120 dollars you company can keep the garbage you sell


Today is my 9th week without the use of my front-loader washer. Noticed error msg and washer was not completing rotation.

Tech 1 came out and was passed due on time slot. He didn't fix but ordered 1 small part. Two weeks later Tech 2 came out and stated Tech 1 didn't order all parts needed to fix washer. Tech 2 ordered 3 more parts.

Two weeks again and Tech 2 came back and still wasn't able to fix it so ordered another part. What????Today, Tech was due to show up 8-noon time slot. NO SHOW and NO CALL!!! What is going on here???Called in and let scheduling know how upset I was and want to be compensated for my inconvenience.Going on 65 yrs old and have had to take my laundry to the laundry mate for 8 weeks now.

I'm so sick of Sears, the unprofessional and ill trained Techs they send out.It is 2:30 pm and still no phone call from the Tech.

I will NEVER buy anything from Sears again!!!***WARNING*** Don't buy anything from Sears. They no longer care about customers or service and it's a real shame.


I had an appointment today. I called 3 time and each time they told me a difference time that he would be here, never showed, never called to say he could not make it.

Of I stay in the house all day when I could have did things that I need to.

This is my second time trying to get someone out to look at my refreigtor. This is poor service and not business like at.all.

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