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I called Sears to come and look at my TV, because it was not working - The repair man came in took the back off and said hum - it could be a blown fuse - went out in his truck brought back a fuse and installed it - the TV worked. He put the back on the TV and typed out a billed - $ 211.32 -


It cost me 207.76 & the fuse was 3.56..

I told the repair man this was to much, he said its

what it is.

For a 3.56 fuse

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Today is my 9th week without the use of my front-loader washer. Noticed error msg and washer was not completing rotation.

Tech 1 came out and was passed due on time slot. He didn't fix but ordered 1 small part. Two weeks later Tech 2 came out and stated Tech 1 didn't order all parts needed to fix washer. Tech 2 ordered 3 more parts.

Two weeks again and Tech 2 came back and still wasn't able to fix it so ordered another part. What????Today, Tech was due to show up 8-noon time slot. NO SHOW and NO CALL!!! What is going on here???Called in and let scheduling know how upset I was and want to be compensated for my inconvenience.Going on 65 yrs old and have had to take my laundry to the laundry mate for 8 weeks now.

I'm so sick of Sears, the unprofessional and ill trained Techs they send out.It is 2:30 pm and still no phone call from the Tech.

I will NEVER buy anything from Sears again!!!***WARNING*** Don't buy anything from Sears. They no longer care about customers or service and it's a real shame.


I had an appointment today. I called 3 time and each time they told me a difference time that he would be here, never showed, never called to say he could not make it.

Of I stay in the house all day when I could have did things that I need to.

This is my second time trying to get someone out to look at my refreigtor. This is poor service and not business like at.all.

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