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I purchased a brand new Maytag washer from my local Sears Appliance store in Sanford, NC about 3 weeks ago. I have bought several other major appliances from them over the past 3-4 years, and am planning to buy a new TV within the next 2 months, so my business SHOULD be important to them. The washer we were replacing was only about 2 years old, but was very noisy--worked FINE other than that.

We had the washer delivered on a Friday. Over the weekend, I washed 3 loads, 2 of which did not run properly. The washer would fill and fill, and if I didn't manually stop it, let it drain, and restart it, it would just keep running forever. The manual that came with the washer said that if this happened, it was due to a problem with the pipe in the back where it had been installed. So Monday, I called and Sears sent the installation guys over to look at it. They said there was nothing wrong, but they would send the service department out. By Wednesday, we still hadn't even had a call from the service department, so I called again. They found a serviceman to come out that day, who said that yes, the pipe in the back was not working properly. It was sealed completely (as it had been with our other washers, and they always worked), but he insisted that if we cut the pipe open to allow air in at the top, it would work. After doing this, the washer filled correctly, so he left. Later, running a load of wash, we discovered that indeed, the washer filled just fine; however, now when it drained, it flooded our kitchen entirely--through the top of this pipe that had been cut open!!! Again, I called and explained what happened. Numerous phone calls later, and another service visit later, and Sears insists that nothing was done wrong.

Here is my problem: Sears is saying that, because our house is old, the pipe was old and not the proper diameter to handle the pressure of the new washer. My response was--shouldn't the installation guys have known this? The manager at Sears responded, "No, they don't know about that. They just install them." Sorry, but any yahoo off the street can plug in a washer and hook up the hoses. I'm paying someone for installation because I expect them to be educated about INSTALLATION. My second issue is that if the problem was the pipe, then why would my other washer, which was less than 2 years old, have worked just fine, but this one doesn't? I think this washer is LESS powerful than my old one, certainly not any more powerful or having more pressure. Then they've said we have a clog in the drainage pipe (basically, they keep changing their story--they messed it up and they don't know what's wrong!). Well, it always drained fine before!!!

Basically, I've been fed a load of BS from Sears. I now have had to hire a plumber for $250 just so I can run my new washer. (By the way, there was no clog--he replaced the pipe and sealed it back up!!!) I have received the POOREST customer service ever--they don't even seem like they want to help. I was offered a refund, but they took my old washer, so that would still have left me with no washer and a busted pipe to fix. Either way, I was going to have to hire a plumber. Oh how I wish I would have kept my old, noisy washer!!!

I have told so many people about this, and they ALL agree that Sears acted HORRIBLY in this case. As I've said, we're in the market for a new LCD TV in the coming months, and ordinarily would have gone right to Sears....not anymore. I will NEVER shop there again, and I intend to tell everyone that will listen about this experience. I wrote in on the Sears website, asking for their help--asking them to do the right thing and pay the plumbing bill to fix their mistake.....I haven't even gotten a response. It's no wonder that Sears is in the financial trouble that they are, given the poor shape of their customer service.

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Obviously it sucks to have to redo plumbing to hook up a washer, but Sears is not to blame. You pay for delivery only, by a couple of guys that are hired to move appliances in and out.

They are not licensed plumbers.

They will hook-up a washer because that is a matter of screwing on water lines and plugging it in, but they are not trained to identify anything other than obvious issues. This is why if you purchase something like a dishwasher, there is a charge closer to $150 for installation because that requires a licensed contractor.