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I ordered a google tablet on dec 14th. Received an email that my order been sent out on Dec 16th.

Waited until the 27th thinking the xmas rush was the cause of the delay and still no tablet. Called Usps to track my package. Usps stated that they would open up a investigation on my claim. a few days later i recieve an email from a company called electronic dealz stating that i would recieve my tablet by the third week of jan.

WTF..I paid through sears, Now that i want to cancel i have to track down a third party to get a refund. Sears is the new word for trash. I will not look in sears direction when i drive by. I guess the name of the game for sears is to rip as many people off before going out of business.

I mean i came to sears for the trusted name. Not to be swindled by a fly by night third party company located somewhere in east ***. DO NOT BUY FOR SEAR!!!

I hate to see people lose their job. But i hope them mutha *** close down soon.

Monetary Loss: $214.

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Anyone out there know how to proceed with a law suit against Sears & this 3rd party seller for no refund and no goods ever received? This vendor in AZ even emailed bogus tracking numbers for shipments that he never shipped!


Vendor Contact in AZ, I for one will be forwarding his contact information (Inman)to my attorney, and will also run a full report on his company. Suggest you do the same


Interesting, I am going thru the same things with electronics order (epad)ordered online thru Sears. Interesting part is I am also dealing with a man called Inman. Although his email address shows as a sears employee I can now see he is not.

I think time for a class action lawsuit against this vendor in AZ as well as Sears.


My husband and I have had the same problems all of you have had. We were able to get Sears to refund our shipping. But after sleeples nights and a lot of digging we found the owner of the company and his information.

Name:Imran Mirza

Phone 480-782-7481 480-818-6171

Adress 2630 S Southwind Dr

Gilbert AZ 85295

Do what you wish with this info.


I ordered 2 toys on 12/24 online, received confirmation after making my payment using my credit card; the following day I received an email cancelling my order because they did not have the items; I had to contact them to refund my money because they were quick to cancell the order, but not to refund my money. Then on 12/28, I ordered the same 2 toys through the phone and this time I asked on several occasions for the representative to make sure they have the items; he confirmed they did and again I paid with my credit card and received my confirmation.

But, the following day the same story repeated itself: I received another email cancelling my order for the same old reason and this time they invited me to contact them again if I wanted to buy something in the future.

I will never buy from Sears or any of their affiliates again and I will make sure my friends and family are also discouraged from doing so. for your information Sears and Kmart were merged couple of years ago, so watch out for them too because they also did the same to me in the past.


and i made the payment with sears, but it was their third party vendor electronic dealz who was supposed to have the items.


i made my credit card purchase over the phone with a sears representative! i too am getting the runaround, i received an email on dec 17 that said my item was shipped (even though i was supposed to receive it on the 16) i knew then this was trouble!!!

after playing this game for a week, i cancelled my order and requested a refund on dec 22. it has been nothing but a game of tag ever since!!

i have filed a complaint with the BBB, and my local news company. I have even sent email to the vp of sears but of course i have not received a return call.

Dundas, Ontario, Canada #401294

I gave my money to sears. I ordered through a sears sales person.

Meaning i ordered from sears. It was over the phone with a sears Rep that failed to mention a third party vendor.


But you didn't buy from Sears, you bought from a 3rd party vendor on their website.

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