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Sears sold my blind 93 year old grandmother a high-end range, telling her that manual control models were no longer available. She was unable to operate the digital controls, and within a few days she began calling Sears to get the range returned.

They never answered the phone, and only called after the 90 day exchange period expired. She was told that since the 90 days was up they would not help her. Even speaking with a "supervisor" who refused to give us her name.

She now has the unused range sitting in her garage and is using a model she can operate manually which was purchased elsewhere. My grandmother will no longer shop at Sears after over 75 years of loyalty, nor will I.

Sears and Roebuck are probably rolling in their graves over this. Shame on you!

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I am thrilled to report that Sears contacted my grandmother within 3 days after seeing this complaint, and by the next week had picked up the range and refunded most of her money ( less a recycling fee ).

Thank you to all concerned. My grandmother is very pleased, as am I.

Sears Response

Dear Enraged:

I'm so sorry that this has happened to your grandmother. I can definitely understand why you would post a negative reivew here. My name is Brian H. with Sears Cares and we'd like to help. We would like to assign your grandmother a dedicated case manager who will assist her in getting this entire situation resolved to her satisfaction. Please email your grandmother's contact information to smsupport@searshc.com and a case manager will call to assist. Please be sure to include the phone number used to purchase the range(if different from the preferred contact number) in your email as well as your screen name (Enraged)so we can reference the case. Again, I apologize and I hope we hear from you soon.

Thank you,

Brian H.

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