On 9/4/10, after 25 minutes of talking to computers, and finally with a real person, Sears is charging me $34.00!!!! for a small plastic lip that attaches with one screw to my Maytag washer model PAV2300AwwRev.12 ("safety switch).

I vow to never buy anything from Sears and its affiliates again (Orchard Supply; I'll find out what else they owe). Sears is a dishonest, thiefing corporation. Look at the interest rates they charge on their credit cards, look a the super-inflated prices for the smallest of parts, etc.

Is it because they have a stronghold on appliances? Whatever the reason, consumers beware!

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Did you buy a protection agreement? Is your manufacturers warranty expired?

No service agreement & no manufac. warranty = you have to pay for parts. You don't HAVE to buy your parts through sears if you don't want to.

I can guarantee you they price parts reasonably because they pay double what you are paying if not more for the part.

How did they thieve you? They provide the part and you pay for it. That is Capitalism, sorry to tell you. They didn't steal from you. You paid for a service.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #188736

Before buying any parts from Sears I would advise everyone to call there local supply houses with your model number.You will find that part in most cases 50% cheaper than Sears.

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