Hopatcong, New Jersey
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I was at Sears looking at HDTVs. There was one that caught my eye though, it was the old Panasonic TC-LZ85 on clearance, the old 2008 model. But I heard it was great for gaming.

I come there and notice the price and the tag on it, says that it is TC-L37S1 marked down for clearance. I go to the service desk and let them know that I interested in buying if they lower the price because the marking down price is for TC-L37S1, instead you are cheating the customer with an older model TV.

They told me that they can't mark the price down, so I said may I talk with the manager. They told me wait and come back as they are at a meeting. I waited and then waited for 2 freakin hours. The manager finally comes and he doesn't know a thing about HDTVs and is a just a general manager for the appliances area.

I explained everything to him and asked him to give me an accurate price. But he said he couldn't because they don't have the model's price in their computers anymore. So I then asked if they could reduce the price a bit. Then he continued to refuse because he told me don't look at the model just buy the tv for x amount of money. But I am sorry, when you buy a HDTV you have to look at the model number, especially when its a clearance item.

What really bugs me is that they reduced price for a tv a few weeks ago for a customer who was them haggling them with a more expensive tv Sony Bravia 1080p 120hz 40 inch for 400 dollars, which asking price was 500 dollars on clearance. My local Sears Electronics just lost another customer due to this nonsense they pulled with me today.

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The manager for appliances is the same as the TV's. Either he was an assistant manager or he lied to you.