Richland Center, Wisconsin

Short and to the point.Sears wants to sell extended warranties so bad that when I walked away from the woman sales person she followed me.

I told her if she did not stop talking about the extended warranty I would walk and but my fridge and range and TV somewhere else. She continued telling me how great it is to be protectted. I walked , she followed me to another department and then I tied into her and she got what she had comming to her and I bet her ears are still ringing.

I spent 3000.00 at another store.^*&**&^%$% you Sears

Monetary Loss: $3000.


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GOOD FOR YOU for walking away.I wouldn't spend a dime in Sears!

Now to Lucy: READ the post!

This person didn't buy the appliance.He/she walked away!


I bet when that foreign appliance breaks down that you would of listened to the B#tch. But hey good luck to you.


wow id smack that woman too! :grin

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