Tampa, Florida
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I contracted for a kitchen remodeling job with Sears Home Improvement, 1024 Florida Central Parkway, Longwood FL 32750 and had cracked and defective cabinets installed. My wife discovered the cracks when she was cleaning them and the putty came out of the cracks of two cabinets. I called and complained to Pat Moyer, the salesman, but an obvious deception has been perpetrated here by concealing defects with putty. I am financing $13,000, $230 a month payments, and find that defective merchandise was installed! This is Sears - and I feel let down and cheated by this! Sear's contractors are an extension of them. These two cabinets will need to be removed, my microwave reinstalled, and this will require my wife and I to be inconvenienced also. I will email pictures to anyone who is interested!

I just had an inspector tell me that these cabinets are very cheaply built. He told me that the seam, that I had to glue, had no choice but to open because the joint was so loose the - see the joint is in the picture (the last picture).

I was told by Pat Moyer that these would be high quality cabinets! I have three cabinets that suffered catastrophic failure in a little over 180 days!

I am still in shock over this, and have no faith in you people whatsoever at this point. I have sent the pictures to several attorneys, as there is no question at all that I was defrauded by Sears.

I still cannot believe this, and everybody that we tell our story to is grateful for the warning. Lowes is where we should have gone to!




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it's Sears Holdings. It hasn't been SEARS & ROEBUCK since the merger with KMart.

And since then the company has slowly been going down the crapper, shame SEARS & ROEBUCK used to be a good company. Greed kills