At 130,000 miles I took my car in to have the tires rotated.The gorilla in the Sears Auto Center in Jefferson City, MO succeded in twisting off a lug nut.

I had it fixed somewhere else because I didn't want anything else to be broken.

It's now 5000 miles later, and when I tried to *** the passenger front wheel, I find that all of the lugs have been over-torqued.A 12mm lug bolt should have no more than 70 ft-lb of torque, not 100 !

I'm going to have the lug bolts and nuts replaced and take the bill to the Jefferson City Store Manager.


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if the stud broke coming off the lug was cross threaded when it came in.So the person to blame would be whoever last put the lugnuts on.

Most service facilities torque lugnuts based on the vehicle manufacturers recomenndations not the size of the lugnut.

Sears uses a torque stick when they use their impact wrenches to intsall wheels which limits the amount of torque then they are hand torqued to the correct spec.i have witnessed it.


They use the air tools of 500 pounds to put the wheels lug nut and they ruined every car that they serviced and if you get a flat and try to use the spare tire forget it the spare tire tools can not get those tires out.

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