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I purchased a tv on 12/20/10 at Sears and have had nothing but a nightmare since. I used a sears rebate card to make the purchase to reduce the balance.

I returned the tv and got the bigger one. So the store gave me my rebate credit back on a gift card. But it showed on my receipt as a purchase instead of a refund. No porblem they told me and gave me another credit.

I just got a letter theat said after reviewing my account they are charging me 50.00 for the gift card that was to be a return credit and will be reporting me to all three credit bur. The store manager told me he could clearly see what happened on the receipt and it was their error and will give me a 50.00 credit. I asked about my credit report since I have good credit and a perfect payment history with them.

I was told I would have to dispute this with the credit bureau. They do this to my credit and are not offering to repair it after they are responsible is unacceptable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $816.

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Why are you doing business with Sears? There merchandise does not last, there credit card is through Citibank, which is known as a very expensive Apr.

If you made the mistake of buying something from Sears and it goes out. Thow it out and shop someplace else and get rid of there credit card!

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