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My husband and I purchased three large appliances from Sears in Newark, CA about a year and a half ago. Not long after they'd been installed, the dishwasher (Kenmore Ultra Elite) began having a variety of serious issues--long story short is that we had approximately **eight** service visits in less than a year.

A few days ago, the dishwasher had another serious problem (tub not draning) occur, which it has experienced and been repaired for previously. I called the Large Appliances manager at the Sears where we'd bought it and requested a refund or replacement, explaining the many repairs that had already been required while it was still under warranty. (I should mention that this was not the first time--not by a long shot--that we had requested a refund or replacement, as we'd obviously gotten a lemon. However, Sears always refused, saying that as long as it was still under warranty, they had to fix it yet again before giving a refund or replacement.)

The manager replied that it sounded like we indeed had a lemon and it "definitely should have been replaced earlier," but that he would first need to call their repair center to see if that would be okay. I didn't mind; I hadn't expected him just to take my word as to what had happened,

He called back within about 30 minutes and said that not only had we not had that many repairs to the dishwasher but that Sears had **already replaced it** last June! I could hardly believe what I heard and asked him to repeat it. I then put him on the phone to my husband and could overhear him tell my husband the same thing. The dishwasher has **never** been replaced, however.

Interestingly, my husband happened to be on our landline at that time with Sears' repair center, and he told the woman he was speaking to what the manager had said. Her response: "No, sir, I don't see any record here of us ever replacing the dishwasher." So, my husband got back on the phone with the manager and (nicely) asked him to call us back when he'd figured out the discrepancy between what the repair center had (supposedly) told him and what they were telling us.

My husband had to go to the mall shortly after that, so he decided just to stop by Sears and follow up with that manager in person. Not sure if the guy was really the department manager after all, as his manager (not the store manager) came out to talk to my husband too. Anyway, the guy lied and claimed he'd never told either of us that the dishwasher had been replaced--when he'd told each of us that, separately, not even an hour earlier! Of course, both he and his manager refused to give us a refund or replacement. My husband spoke by phone the next day with the store manager who was also completely unhelpful.

Why Sears, or any retailer, would choose to treat customers who've purchased multiple big-ticket items this way--especially when their own records clearly indicate we were sold a bad product--is beyond me, but they have lost us as customers for life, and not just for appliances.

Monetary Loss: $989.

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