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This past week I purchased a new Sears Washer and Dryer. While I spent an hour on the phone with the sales person I explained several times that i wanted to be certain the gas dryer I was purchasing was capable of venting on the right side of the machine.

I was assured several time it was with the purchase of a side venting kit. Two days later as scheduled through there installation "Team" in the Philippines our machines arrived. The delivery men bring in my washer and hook it up no problem. Then they begin to tell me that the dryer needs to be vented on the right side in order to work?

I then told the I agreed and that on their truck there should be the vent Kit. Ahhh yes we have it with us but it can only be installed in the warehouse, please call our delivery Team and reschedule. With all the calm I could muster I called to reschedule and was set up for Sunday at 9:00 am So on Sunday I awoke at 6:00am drove to our new home and waited , and waited then at 5 tell 9:00am the Delivery TEAM notified me that I needed to pick a different dryer that will vent because the one that was chosen will not work!!!!!! I lost it and told the nice lady to come pick up the washer and shove it.

They did and they just lost a very good customer of 40 years. What has happened to Sears they use to be the best now they are terrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

Monetary Loss: $2066.

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Any one who is reading this forum, please stay away from Sears if you value your time and sanity.

I am currently still resolving my brand-new purchase of a dryer from Sears. And believe me, it's been 2 weeks since the installation date, but it's still not working after about 10-15 calls and 2 schedules already.....

Please stay away from them, their delivery and customer services are a joke. No respect for the customers.

I knew Sears is a bad guy, but I want to give it a chance. Boy, am I so sorry for doing business with them.

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