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Update by user Aug 10, 2011

Since I posted this, I was finally contacted by a rep from the mattress dept.

Nothing was resolved, and I still have the *** mattress I had. I was called a liar and informed that they tried to convince me to not buy this replacement, because it was cheaper than the original.

I selected this because it had a full metal edge and was suppose to be stronger edged than the original. Since it was broken down in less than a week I guess I was wrong.

Less than a week would imply that something was wrong with the product. What do you think?

Do not buy from Sears.

They do not sell the great products they once did. They don’t have to; they don’t warranty these so they make their profit at our expense.

Original review posted by user Jul 10, 2011

I bought the first mattress early April I Was delivered the 21st. The mattress department offered to exchange the mattress that broke down after 2 weeks. They called it a comfort exchange. People think they can try a mattress and exchange for a different one. The free delivery they offer makes the purchase attractive. They don't tell you the delivery charge for the replacement is huge.

My exchange was for defective mattress, but Sears called it Comfort exchange. Delivered on May 13th Mattress 2 broke down in four days. I catted with a rep online on the 17th, and attempted to talk to customer service on the 19th.I was hung up on 4 times that day, probably 20 times since. I have been trying to get some type of help for 2 months. The rudeness and lies have been impressive to say the least.

I was amazed that Sears had people that acted that way.

After looking on line I see Sears treats all it's customers like that, and they get away with it. They have no need to deliver quality products, because they have no intention of standing behind them.

The bottom line, I will never speak to a helpful person, and my handicapped husband will sleep in this broken bed till we can afford to replace it.

I hope I live long enough to see Sears run out of business. I will never buy another thing from them, I hope this helps others to beware Sears is crooked. The delivery fee is insult to injury, and their products won't last but warranty is a joke.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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