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i purchased a washer and dryer at sears. only after completing the $1200 sale did the sales clerk inform me this particular model was not in stock, and my delivery date was going to be almost a month later.

on the delivery day they were supposed to be here between 1:15 and 3:15. around 2:30 i get a call from sears, the girl said she had direct phone contact with the delivery driver, and informed me they were running late, and would not be to my house until 4:00. ok, no problem. she was positive of this, i asked.

i even told her i was going to run a quick errand. so i leave from 3 to 3:15 and while i was gone, the delivery guys showed, and left. when they arrived they called my mothers phone as a contact, she told them she would be there in less than 5 minutes, she lives right down the same street. they didnt wait.ten minutes later we were told the driver was already too far away to return.

luckily, i personally contacted the private contractor who does the sears appliance deliveries, and he worked me into the schedule the next day. this girl having phone contact with the driver was ***, she does not. the delivery guys dont even know why she called, they were not even running late. sears is a huge multi store chain, there is no good reason to have to wait a month for anything they sell.

and the clerk didnt say *** about waiting for delivery until i had already paid him.when i asked about delivery he came right out with a 3 week plus wait, he had already known this and let me make the purchase before telling me, he must work on commission, apparently.and you think spending $1200 plus would get me free delivery, no no, thats $75 extra.poor treatment,poor service. never shopping there again,for anything, not even tools. as a former auto repair shop manager, i can tell you alot of craftsman tools just don't hold up as well as, say snap-on, mac, or matco. sockets break under stress while a matco one does the job no problem.

ratchets have failed me a few times. and the extensions with the little tab on the end so sockets don't fall off, those have broken on me with 2 out of the 3 extensions i the shop i would go to sears once a month to exchange tools and get the free new one, and everyone else in the shop would give me the craftsman tools they had that broke,too. shop conditions are different than at home.things get rusted and stuck, stripped,etc. when youo work in a shop you need tough stuff.

i had a craftman open end wrench snap right in half. i was using two wrenchs to remove a fitting, each one being forced in opposite directions holding them in my hands. i wasn't using a bench vise or anything. this wrench snapped in half and when my hand went sailing into the wrench that was in the other hand that didnt break with enough force to break my finger.

that was a week of missed work.i have no need for sears. i bought shocks for my jeep cherokee. 40 bucks apeice, monroe gasmatics. 6 months later my front end shook bad.

all the fluid had leaked out, both shocks were toast, and thats under normal driving, on road conditions.they wouldnt do anything as far as warranty, no refund, no new shocks, flat out *** out of luck.those shocks lasted about 4500 miles.even the smallest of shops would have done something for me.screw sears, they suck. never going back, good riddance.

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