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worst customer service ever. I bought a washer dryer and was told delivery would be 2 days later on a friday.

I waited all day friday and gave them a call about 5 pm. They said washer and dryer werent even loded on the truck that morning. So there is one day i burned up waiting on sears. They told me it would be here on sunday so i again cancel anything i have to do and waite.

Called them today (Sunday) and they don't have any record of a sunday delivery date. They told me it would be next wednesday for delivery. So to Sears my time is worth nothing. 2 days off work and a sunday lost waiting for them to get there act strait.

I sent them a couple e-mails about it and they cant even figure out that i bought any thing from them. I called the store where i boght it and the machine on the other end told me every body was busy and to leave a message to have them call me back. I did and they never called me back. I cant figure out a way to resolve this other than canceling my order and getting my money back.

They have no regard for there customers and I havent even recived so much as an apoligy from them.

Worst service ever. Dont buy anything from sears

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Call the highest man you can find on the toteum pole. These people are theifs, liers and cheats !!!!! I challange ANY social media manager to debate with me on a open forum !!!!

I worked for Sears Home Improvement Products AKA Sears Home Servives for the last 8 years !!!!!!

NO LONGER and good bye !!!!!

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