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Get ready for a lot of CAPS, but I am furious...I mean every CAP!

DO NOT USE SEARS! I was just screwed out of a $200 rebate I was going to use to buy X-mas presents for my family. They will take your money, then later find a bizarre technicality to deny you your rebate.

If you want to take my word for it and boycott Sears, thanks! We're done here. If you want to hear my gripping DaVinci Code story, read on:

So, I bought a TV with a wall mount. When I filled out the rebate form online, all it said was:"H090636 08/23-10/03 $200.00 Rebate on Installation when you buy any 40inch or larger Television Along with Installation and a coordinating mount at Rebate paid via Prepaid MasterCard."

But as I found out after my rebate was denied 3 months later (too late to return the item for those keeping score), if you are one of those people savvy enough to shop online, but old-fashioned enough to still print and mail in a rebate form, there is a .pdf you can print out. ONLY ON THAT PDF DO YOU FIND THE FINE PRINT:"To qualify the television, mount and installation must all be purchased in the same transaction. IncludesTelevision Mount item numbers 75068, 75078, 75083, 75084, 75080, 75090, 75092, 75093 and 75050."

Well, silly me, I just bought the wall mount that SEARS RECOMMENDED FOR THAT SPECIFIC TV IN A HUGE PHOTO NEXT TO THE TV I BOUGHT ON THEIR WEBSITE!!! You would think that the mount they list next to the TV you buy would be a "coordinating mount", right? HA! You've never dealt with Sears, I see...

But I hear what you are saying, why didn't you check to see one of those 5 digit number matched your wall mount? Good call! It must be on the website:Level Mount FIXED/TILT MOUNT FITS 34" TO 60" TV'S AND 200 LBS.

Sold by Sears | Online only | Sears Item# 05799338000 | Model# DC60TRating 5 (1 Reviews | Write a Review )Well, no 5 digit number there. Maybe I should check my receipt...

60 in. (Diagonal) Class 1080p 600Hz Plasma HD Television

Item #: 05775839000Salescheck #: 093000493373

RC: 2927-9171-3206-3393


Television (wall-mount) premium setup includes unpacking, inspection, mounting tv on bracket, connection to 3 components, bundli

Item #: 01057224187Salescheck #: 093000493373

RC: 2927-9171-3206-3393

FIXED/TILT MOUNT FITS 34" TO 60" TV'S AND 200 LBS. Sold by Sears

Item #: 05799338000Salescheck #: 093000493372Sale Date: 31-Aug-2009

RC: 2827-9371-4207-3397

Hmmmm...I see an 11 digit number, a 12 digit number, and even a 16 digit number. The price of the installation was a five digit number, but that's the closest I have. Where are these 5 digit numbers?

To find the answer, I turned to the crack management team at Sears. Here's where it gets fun. You may not realize it, but you have been looking at the 5 digit number the whole time! You remember the 11 digit item number from earlier? Well, pay close attention to that. I'll give you a few minutes.

If you have figured it out, congratulations on cracking the code! If not, I'll explain it the way the Sears management team explained it to me:

Those 11 digit numbers all start with 057. Because they all start with 057, the 057 DOESN'T COUNT! You can ignore it! It doesn't exist! You know what else doesn't exist? Zero. And you may have noticed the item numbers all end in three zeros, and since zero doesn't exist, you can ignore the last three digits too! So if you ignore the first three digits, and the last three digits of an 11 digit number, you have...A FIVE DIGIT NUMBER!!! The mystery is solved!!! That's where the 5 digit numbers are!!! Well, now that we have solved the mystery, oh, well clearly I didn't buy the right mount. I just wish I wasn't so ***. According to Sears management, I am the only person that has EVER had this problem. Just me. I'm the ***. So if you are reading this and you didn't figure it out, don't tell anybody, because it will only prove you are as *** as me.

So according to the Sears management team, there is nobody in the Sears hierarchy that can help me. The woman I talked to said she would be fired if she authorized a rebate to a customer that "didn't read the form". According to her, Sears can't do anything.

I know what you are saying, sue them! I REALLY want to. However, this is a $200 rebate, and court costs in small claims court for a lawsuit of this size total $120, leading to a profit of $80. I wish I had enough time on my hands to file a nuisance lawsuit, but I have a one year old son. I have very little free time. Just enough time to write this e-mail and send it to everybody I know. ;)

Please forward this, and again, if you have any sympathy, DO NOT USE SEARS!!!


Ben Dixon

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