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Sears screwed me out of replacing my refrigerator which was under warranty.

I recently returned to my home in Florida to a refrigerator covered in mold, infested with bugs, and with a stench that smelled like a dead body. Horrified, I called Sears and they sent a technician to come take a look.

The technician verified that the compressor (the thing that keeps the fridge cold) had broken. So naturally, the food went bad. He then went on to explain that even if the compressor was repaired, the refrigerator would not be safe to use due to the poor condition it was in. He called Sears and told them that the fridge was unrepairable. They told him that due to "protocol" he had to order the parts and do the repair before it could be approved for a replacement.

A week went by and the parts finally came in. (Meanwhile I am using a beach cooler and replacing it with ice each day to keep my food cold.)

A second technician came to repair the fridge and immediately determined that there was no use in repairing the part because the fridge was unrepairable. In order to repair the part, he would be putting his own health and my health at risk. He would have to gut the entire fridge which meant the entire house would then be infested with the bugs and smell of the rotting food.

He called Sears and told them he would not repair it and he contacted the District Manager's office to let them know that the fridge would have to be replaced. He sent pictures to the District Manager's office documenting the severity of the condition, as well. He then collected the parts that had been sent and left. He told me to wait another 24 hours and then to call back to see if the report was approved for a replacement.

I called back again the next day. What do you know! Still- they refused to replace the fridge. They said the reason the fridge was unrepairable was "customer neglect". They completely ignored the fact that the reason the food was moldy was because their product was faulty. I spoke with probably 15 different Sears representatives across all different departments and including several managers- None of them were helpful. They all kept repeating the same thing: "Mold is not covered under your warranty".

It has been 2 weeks since I initially called Sears. I am still eating out of a beach cooler filled with ice. Two Sears technicians came to my home and verified that a replacement is needed. The second technician even told me that it would be uneconomical to repair the fridge (meaning it would cost Sears less to replace it than to repair it.) But Sears still would not budge.

All I have to say is: Sears, you lost a valued customer. We own 3 homes - all of which are furnished with appliances from Sears and insured with Sears. Today I canceled all of my insurance contracts with you. I will no longer purchase appliances, or anything for that matter, from you. And I will continue to share this story with everyone so that they do not become another victim of your thievery.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: I will like it when they are out of business.

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