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So I went to Sears today to shop for a number of items I need for a new house I will soon be moving into. I have picked out over 7500 dollars worth of appliances and misc. items for my new home and the salesman starts in with the "sign up for a credit card" pitch. He tells me Sears will give me 10 percent off my total bill when I put it on my "new" card.

Well I want to pay cash which you would think would be good for them and ask for the same discount on a cash option. The sales guy then proceeds to tell me that corporate will not allow them to markdown any prices even though they are offering a discount for credit buys.

This makes no sense to me that they will give a price break to someone who may not have the money for the products they are buying but not to an average Joe who walks in with cash in hand.

You would think with retail sales down in a "tough economic time" they would rather have my cash than give out credit and run the risk of never getting their money.

I was so ticked I left the store and went home and called their 800 number and got the same line of *** from the Supervisor on the phone.

I would really like to get all of the things I need from Sears so I am going to call their corporate office Monday and give them another shot at my sale but I am not hopeful they will want to earn my cash.

If not I guess I will find another retailer who wants to take my cash.

Monetary Loss: $7500.


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Another reason why they want you to get a credit card is so they can not only run a credit check on you, but to sell your information to other companies who will then solicit the *** out of you. So getting the card at one counter and paying it off at the next is not a good idea either.


What do you want a discount because you pay in cash? You are an A HOLE. Good for Sears they are doing what they should.

to Rhonda #843457

Thank You!Whoever Said The Customer Was Right, Obviously Was A Customer.

We Give Great Prices Everyday And If You Don't Like It, Go Elsewhere!We Don't Need Idiots For Customers.


tgirl is right.Just pay it off right away.

Even at the same register you bought the appliance from. As for the *** that started this post...

the sears card is not really a Sears card, it is a CitiBank card. Citibank is offering the 10% off with the card. If you use the card, Citibank then turns around and pays Sears for having a customer use that card.

You must be at least 60 years old, cuz cash in hand is not nearly as valuable to a corporation as a credit card with a 25% intrest rate.If they give you 10% off the purchase, then charge you 25% intrest, who is the real winner?


Bought a Kenmore dishwasher.Failed 4 days after installation.

Sears technician discovered DW defective when it left the factory with a missisng part,foreign bolt in the sump, electrical connections vibrated loose.

Sears informed me to call their Consumer Advocate. Called four times, each time Advocate "not available - will call you", but never received response.

Sears finally responded to a BBB notice that DW last only 10 years and ignored the sale of a defective appliance.No more purchases at Sears by this customr of more than 50 years.


Why didn't you apply for the credit card, get your 10% discount by putting your purchase on the card and then pay the balance with your cash? Then you have the option of closing out the acccount. No interest, you get to use the cash and get your 10% discount.


tulegirl I agree with you 100%.I am still a appliance repairman because hey I have to support my family somehow.

I got into this career many years ago after filling out a application and passing a test that I guessed on probably half of. Must have done a good enough job on the test cause they hired me. Most I knew about appliances was how to turn them on and off. Oh I had taken a few apart to tinker with them.

After 1 week in the shop "training" and 1 week in the field "training" which was more like watching the other tech work, I was now a qualified repairman to come work on your appliances. They gave me my tools and work vehicle and sent me on my way. Now after many years I have learned most of what I need to know but no way I know it all. We are pressured into selling "maintenance agreements" and other supplies.

We have minimum requirements of what we must sell and number of calls we must run. Your answers to the surveys you get when you have a repairman out can make or break a repairman. Those are 50% of our reviews and can actually leave a good repairman without a job. When you fill those surveys out please take in mind that these only refer to the repairman that was in your home and not to the company as a whole.

I know I for one am fed up by what this company has become and for an true American company to outsource its call center to India is wrong. Lots of ppl here needed those jobs also. Us repairmen catch a lot of B---S--- from both customers and our own company. We understand your needs to get an appliance repaired quickly but sometimes our hands are tied.

We are required to gain authorization if a computer board is needed and are told to resched part orders 7-10 days out. If everytime you got the parts in early everyone would just call in and reschedule for an earlier date then maybe the company would get the message that it don't take 10 days to ship a part when most can be shipped overnight. They just don't want to pay the extra postage to rush the shipment. I could go on and on but again please don't take it out on the repairman.

Some of us are really trying and going out of our way to make you happy.I know there are some bad repairman out there also so if you get a good one you like request him or her back when you need another repair on something or ask them who they recommend.


I agree with tgirl.Buy the stuff with the card and then stop at the next cashier and just pay it off.

You've saved 10% and they haven't made a dime off of you. When the card comes in the mail, shred it. My husband works for Sears and these associates are lucky if they make minumum wage, so why not cut them a break. These managers in these stores are making thousands of dollars a year and are pushing these poor associates to get people to sign up for credit cards so they can charge people 29% interest, but the poor *** getting you to sign up for the card doesn't see a dime of it, just all those a--holes sitting in the head office.

My guess is there's very few Sear's associates that could ever hope to have $7500.00 to spend on anything all at once.:upset Thanks, now I feel better.



(I am not here to defend Sears. I am just adding my two cents in)

Don't take this as being bias here but I work for Sears as an sales associate (I honestly hate the place but it's a job until I am done with college) but I get a kick out of people that come in and pay with cash and want discounts - this is big corp retailer and not some mom and pap shop. Sales associates such as myself would love to give you deals if you paid with cash but we don't run the joint. Eddie and his crooks do. Sears wants you to sign up for credit cards for various reasons; maybe do a no interest plan or take 5 or 10% off you're purchase OR because they want interest to build up on the credit card(s) so Citibank can collect more money off you. Whatever case it is, well this is not a great complaint to file and is quite amusing if I must add. Calling the national hot line in Chicago to complain about this won't get you a penny off you're $7,500 purchase. Sorry but it's the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.


Sears has made so much $$$ off every house hold in the USA and beyond...including me,buying big ticket items, paying off way before the contract requires.But not me anymore.

I bought yet another set of tires from them. My car doesn't get 3000 miles a year,kept in garage, washed,waxed & armour all'd regularly every 7-10 days. So I choose the tire set w/highest & longest warranty/80,000 miles, or if defective before warranty expires. I take my car in after 2 yrs to show them 3 of the tires have dry rotted & split.

They wouldn't honor the warranty-said I should have kept armour all on my tires!!!Well hello Sears, I did and only one tire on the car showed no signs of dry rot. A continual leak on 1 tire that they'd just pump up when in for service.

Got that fix at an independent tire Co in area, the guy pulled out a tiny nail from tire & plugged it.

Anyone would be *** and desperate to buy anything from a lying deceitful company as big as Sears that will not hold up to its contract.Sears, ain't what it used to be.

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