Pittsburg, Illinois
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I've called over 50 times to get warranty work on my dish washer and wasted weeks trying to get that done. The big reason for that many calls is that the idiots kept on hanging up on me, transferring me and disconnecting me, and losing my profile and complaint time and time again.

They constantly lied to me as to why no one ever bothered to show up when I was scheduled for warranty service. Why is that??? They were extremely rude and constantly gave me attitude.

Sears are you really this useless and incompetent?!?!?!

The warranty/ appliance protection plan isn't worth the hundreds of dollars I paid for it. Not even close.

If you don't want to get ripped off, stay away from Sears !!!!

No wonder you're about to close up shop. I hope you do. Good riddance!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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Yes because you have to wash a dish by hand, a company the hires many people, should be out of business, meaning that all of these people will not have a way to pay for there home, feed there kids. Yes this all should happen because you havr to wash a dish by hand.