I purchased a side by side refrigerator in August of 2011 (floor model on sale and because it had a couple of small dents on the side and a small area of paint missing I received a further discount). When I got it home I found two more dents on the top of the fridge.

While looking for the model and serial number on the fridge I found the manufacturing date; it was built in August of 2008. I went back to the store with this information and asked for a further discount. They stated there was nothing more they could do - they had given me the best price possible. How can they consciously sell an OLD product represented as NEW floor model that has been discounted without conveying this information to the customer?

I have been a Sears customer for years; purchased all our major appliances and replacements as well as home and garden products. Another family of customers gone.

All pricing aside, this is more about being deceived. What a scam!!!

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I bought a washer/dryer combination from Sears on line. Normally they do not have those as floor models, so on line is the only way to purchase.

They advertised a "hot item" normally $1449 for a price of $971, new so I did my due diligence research for over a week making comparisons, reading reviews, etc. prior to purchasing. The item was delivered and installed as per agreement, however, looking over the item, testing the washer and dryer, reading the booklet, etc. I was extremely displeased with the cheap construction and even the closing mechanisms were tinny sounding.

Got on line with the model number only to discover it was discontinued quite a while back and was not the number advertised on the internet. I've made a complaint, was sent an email stating they'd sent my complaint to the proper department and suggested I call that department as well. Was informed there would be a 3-5 day period before that department would be able to complete their investigation and get back with me. That was 3 days ago, no follow up yet.

My previous unit was a Whirlpool, lasted 17 years, was much larger capacity, no repairs ever needed, was of sound construction, and cost even less than the "hot item" sales price.

Since Whirlpool makes Kenmore brand I thought I would get comparable quality not to mention truth in advertising. The only truth was the price.


Thank you for your comment. It was purchased at the Sears regular department store with a sign stating it was a floor model.

No mention of damage - I pointed it out to them and they said at first it was glue on the fridge and not a chip; they did not say anything regarding the dents. They also stated they did not know it was manufactured in August of 2008.

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You purchased what we call at Sears a 999 product, which is a scratch and dent. It was damaged in shipping our by delivery.It is looked at to make sure it is working properly and then sold at the store.It is supposed to be tagged as such and already reduced in price.I used to work in one of Sears scratch and dent stores and you can get great merchandise at reduced prices.

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