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In April 2007 we purchased a kenmore HE front loader from Sears. The retail price of this product was $750- about 3 years later the door latch code began to malfunction and gave us a "f29 code", meaning "door latch malfunction". with this code, we could not run cycles and the washer would just give a buzzing sound and would not run. All this occured about a month ago. Upon calling the sears service center, an appt. was scheduled for 2 weeks after the call (soonest sears appointment possible). At the time of the call, I let the technician know that the door latch appeared to be malfunctioning(according the the diagnostic code and manual). 2 weeks later the technician showed up at my door without the part, and said he would be back in 2 weeks (the soonest appt, again) and then charged me the $130- service fee in full and then also the $62 for the door latch. 2 weeks later another technician showed up and told me that the door latch was not the issue. Though he "was not sure of the problem", he wanted to order yet another part. This time costing $116. I insisted he called tech support to assist him with troubleshooting and told him I was disappointed with sears service as well as their appliances, at which point he became rude and mildly intimidating (as he slammed doors in and out of the house). When my husband got home,I felt more comfortable because the tech was kind of intimidating me at this point with his rude gestures. Again, 2 weeks passed (which was today) and the sears tech arrived to repair the "motherboard" of our front loader, this time with no positive outcome. He admitted he did not know what the problem was, but he "thought" it was the motor, which would again.... cost us something to the effect of $500--

we said no and he issued us a piece of paper which stated we would receive a refund for the motherboard, and that we could expect to receive it within 3-4 weeks. UMMMMM what? SO we were now out a 3 year old, gently usxed $750 washer....a $129 service fee which got us no answers to the problem, and now we had to wait a month for a refund? (we arent the rockafellars here)

I called sears and asked for at the very least a refund of my 129- service fee-- even if given in form of a credit so that i could purchase a new washer... and was basically told that would not happen. and i also called another number to see if i could get a refund via bank card credit on the part we payed for and needed refunded.... again no answer.

All I have to say is that if sears comes to your house and demands payment for services that they havent 100% supplied.....DO NOT PAY THEM!!! Also, do not buy products from sears.... they are ***. A 750$ washer that breaks within 3 years? ***!! All they offered was 10% off on a new sears product up to $100..... do they really think I will purchase anything from them again? Hardly....I plan to boycott sears and bring this issue to other peoples awareness whenever it is relevant. I will buy from local businesses in the future..... ones with customer service skills where their bottom line is customer satisfaction..... this you will certainly not find with sears!

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Houston, Texas, United States #682965

I had been a loyal customer ,. 5 yrs ago II bought a stove that is rusting and has never been easy to light, and the self cleaning oven does not work.My three yo dish washer needs a new control panel as well as a washing machine that also needs a control panel,

No more Sears for me!!!!!!


I was a loyal customer of sears until today. I purchased one of their most expensive shop lights.

Of course it is made in china and does it work? NO it does not turn on and I have made my last visit to sears. What a sad state of affairs when one of our nations most respected retailers sells us garbage.

Shame on you W. Bruce Johnson for taking down an American institution!


i did follow up with sears, from the post below from "sears cares" and spoke with one of their dispute specialists. after speaking with her, it was settled that i would get my $129-- service fee back after explaining to them my experience.

but even then, she asked if i would be interested in having them send out a "senior technician" to diagnose and repair the problem. i said absolutely not.i did have to argue my side of the story.... but after being on the phone with sears at least 15 other times, i was well versed. she then also said that there was nothing she could do to refund the actual problem-- so i am out the $750 for the 3 year old he front loader.

we have purchased a maytag top loader since then from a reputable, local company. since then i have also shared my story with several people.... and am not too surprised to have heard several disgusting stories from other dissatisfied sears customers. i have come to terms with the fact that i purchased a $750 piece of *** from sears....

and i will admit that there are days i am tempted to fill it with cow dung and leave it near the front doors of the sears store i purchased it from.... but thats just a fantasy. I have saved for reality a better plan.... i will continue to boycott sears and advise others to do so....

i believe in todays economy that will add up... and the economy will punish sears through bankruptcy or falling stocks (one can dream, cant they?). either that, or their products and customer service will continue to deteriorate.

either of which, as a boycotter of their products, it will no longer effect me. lesson learned.


Very interesting. In a similar dispute. Did Sears finally back up their product and resolve it to your satisfaction?


you are all right sears products are junk,when i was little my grandma, and mother always bought sears kenmore products, they lasted 20 or more years, since it was bought out they sell things that break down right away,(scam i think). i bought a 800.00 above the stove microwave it stopped working after 4 years.(have a cheap one now and it is till working...just recently got a dehumidifer for a gift and it stoppped working after 3mo..the person who gave it to me lost the receipt and payed cash...he paid out of that. Junk, Junk, Junk....


To Sisyphus,

Hello Sisyphus my name is Marcus I am part of the Sears Cares Escalations team and I am very disturbed about what I have read concerning the hassle that you have been put through concerning your washer. There is no excuse why you have been put through this hassle for this extended amount of time on a washer that is only 3 years old. Our Technicians have been trained to use better judgment while repairing appliances, there should be documentation from each technician on what was rendered the day of service so that the next technician can know what to suggest. One the washer has had 4 or more parts or repairs on the unit, the next step should have been considered and that is providing you with a replacement washer. I am not saying this as a form of excuse, I am letting you know that Sears sincerely apologizes for what we have put you through concerning your washer, please allow Sears Cares Escalations Team to step in and bring an end to what has became a nightmare for you and your family. The Sears Cares Team is the single point of contact for escalated concerns for Sears, this means we step into a situation and handle it start to finish with one Case Manager as your point of contact. Sears does value your patronage and we don’t want this situation to hinder any future shopping’s at Sears. Please allow us to step in and bring closer to this so that you (and others) don’t have to be impacted by this any longer. Please contact my office at with a contact phone number and the phone number the washer was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email please provide your screen name (Sisyphus) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Marcus. C.

Senior Case Manager

Sears Cares

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