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So I needed a new garage door opener. Not because the old one was broken, mind you, but because I have a toddler and the old one did not have motion sensors at the bottom of them - she may have been injured or hurt if it closed on her. So I'm browsing around, looking for what to buy and from whom, when I see a sale at Sears for a Craftsman one. Craftsman typically makes solid, strong products, I think to myself. I am a younger guy, building up my lifetime tools, and I buy quality whenever I can. I have a number of Craftsman tools already. So I buy the Craftsman garage door opener. This was last February. I waited a few months to install it (I live in Wisconsin), until the weather was a little nicer and it wasn't so cold, even in the garage.

As soon as I installed it, it had problems. In other words, it was a lemon, right from the box. But as I stated above, I had waited a few months...over 3...which meant that every time I wanted a service call it's a $75 service charge, plus labor. Only parts are free, and they won't just send you those, you have to have a service call. The garage door itself is only worth around $200, and that's what I would be looking at after labor and the service fee.

So as I'm trying to figure out the problems it had (not closing, lights not working, makes weird clicking noise, keypad works irregularly, etc) I'm googling around for the model and the type. As it turns out, this particular model is prone to the logic board failing, most likely because of how it is wired. This is a known issue that turns up on many websites out there. Most people are in the exact same boat I am; the TRUE warranty was only for three months; the parts-only warranty is another year after that.

So now, my question is, what on earth is Sears thinking? Does Sears really want to lose my lifetime business over this? over a $200 refund or replacement? They've got to be out of their mind. Like I said, I'm young, just starting a family, dual income--I'm literally in the "demographic sweet spot" that every retailer wants to capture. For example, we just replaced all our carpet from HOME DEPOT, thinking about replacing our windows, upgrading the appliances, etc..I'm well connected on social media, and so is my wife. We talk and we'll tell people how bad this experience was. I don't have the words for how *** Sears is for losing my business over this. Anytime we've tried to call we get the same canned answers and no one can do anything for us. It's terrible customer service, it's terrible CRM, it's terrible overall.

Later today, my wife and I are going to go to Home Depot and pick out a new garage door opener. The one we have, less than a year old, is not functional. I cannot in good faith recommend Sears or their service to anyone. And if you think I'm upset (and I rewrote this several times, toning it down) you should hear my wife talk. Irate doesn't begin to describe it; she's the one who has tried to call.

And if you think I'm buying any more Sears products, ESPECIALLY Craftsman branded items, again, you're out of your mind.


Ronald D. Boire William C. Crowley William R. Harker William C. Kunkler III William K. Phelan Steven T. Mnuchin Stu Reed Ann N. Reese Thomas J. Tisch Sears Holding Corporation (SHLD) CEO/President, Louis D'Ambrosio, Chairman, Edward S. Lampert, Divisional Vice President, Brian Carey

Monetary Loss: $220.

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