We bought a vacuum cleaner and paid for a 5 year warranty from Sears. We have owned the machine for 3 years. We have had to take it in to be repaired 4 times. The last time, we had to haul the machine 50 miles round trip because the local service center closed, the local store wouldn't accept it and didn't tell us there were any closer places we could drop it off.

They refused to repair by mail. When we went to pick up the vacuum the 4th time, we heard an employee say he had to go to the store 2 miles from our home to get something. Why couldn't he have dropped off our machine so we wouldn't have to drive?

Don't bother to contact the home office in Chicago. The staff there has no power to obtain satisfaction or respond in any meaningful way. All they do is apologize and say "thank you for shopping Sears".

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yea your right, the sales person made that vac just for you in the back room. blame the company's that make them not the retailer's... by the way you can drop it off at the store to be sent out and repaired.

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #82002
:cry ***

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