El Paso, Texas

I went to buy an edger at Sears and it was used. I ordered it online and they refuse to come and pick it up.

I have spoken to their customer service but they only try to delay things. When I spoke to customer service they told me it was not illegal to sell something that was used and with obvious wear and tear. The edger was bent, scratched and the paint had been worn off. They refuse to send me a new one.

I am cancelling my credit card payment and planning on writing their executives with my complaint.

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You should have returned it within the return period, citing that it was used. Why would you want them to come out and pick it up.

Online orders come with the inherent risk that any problems cost you shipping.

However, with Sears, you can return it to the store. I've ordered online, and I've never had an item that couldn't be returned in-store.


Are you really ignorant enough to beleive that it is illegal to sell used merchandise? Did you not notice it was used when you purchased it?

Did you notify them that it was used when you got it home and looked at it? You could have just returned it within 30 days for a refund if it truly was used and sold as new, and purchased a new unit.