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I am having a very frustrating experience with Sears Home Delivery and Installation. Bought a washer/dryer pair a few weeks ago. The dryer was deliverd on August 10 on the third attempt and a week after it was suppposed to be delivered (they twice brought the wrong dryer). The dryer vent has disconnected from the wall vent twice now. The second time didn't even stay connected for a single load. Today they sent someone to "repair" it who, upon arrival announced that he only deals with internal issues and this is an external issue. We have three children under five and can't go a week or more without a dryer.

My wife was on the phone for more than two hours trying to get someone to come back and reconnect the vent - seems like a very simple issue. It was suggested to her that they bring a replacement dryer on Friday which is an absurd suggestion for a problem that simply should involve some staples/screws and duct tape. She was eventually hung up on.

I've now been on the phone for more than an hour trying to deal with the issue of simply having someone come by the house and reconnect a vent. I have been disconnected twice and had to start all over again. I've tried to speak with a manager, but none available. If there is no resolution soon we'll have to return the washer/dryer, cancel the service agreement and by from a competent store. We've been waiting more than a week for a dryer vent to be reconnected. This is a stunning display of incompetence.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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I've now been on hold for a manager for more than 100 minutes. Their Twitter folks told me they'd contact me within 24 hours.

Way, way, way too late. Don't seem to care at all about customer service.


The same thing with a fridge,they are all ignorants and Sears should go down BIG TIME!!!!!

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