Jamestown, Tennessee

I called Sears on August 2 for an appointment for a tech to look at my A/C unit. No call back.

Finally on Tuesday August 10 we get a call. They tell me the technician is down, whatever that means. There is no technician in my area to come check out my unit. I call them for 2 weeks with promises they will call me back.

No one ever calls. My A/C unit has been leaking all over my basement since last summer. We called about it last summer and got the *** around and gave up. Now there is mold growing on the ducts and the vents are condensating on my wood floor around every vent.

We've been getting empty promises for 2 weeks. Do not buy the service agreement.

It's full of great things and you think "Oh wow I'll never have to spend anything to get my stuff fixed" well it's all ***. My next call will be to a lawyer.

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