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I scheduled a repair of my sears washer for which I have already paid an extended service agreement. The technician was scheduled for this afternoon.

Before taking off work my husband called and confirmed that the repair tech would arrive between 1 and 5 pm today. Since the tech have not arrived nor called by 4:30 my husband called and was told that the tech would arrive before 5. At 5:15 my husband called again because no one had arrived nor called. At this point we were told that all techs were finished for the day and no one would be coming.

I called customer service and customer solutions. I was on the phone for two hours due to transfers and dropped calls we the only solution being given was to go to a laundry mat and the earliest that a repair could be scheduled would be a week later. Think twice before buying an extended warranty. I have purchased them for years and rarely use them.

Now I am finding that this is a way of getting money and not providing service when needed.

You may also want to weigh your options before purchasing from Sears if you remotely think you may need their service. Customer service for Sears is horrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Sears process of handling calls for service, delivery and installation is HORRIBLE! In fact, so bad that I am sending my not-even-a-month-old appliances back.

Never had so much run around, lack of or nor communication. The local guy in Missoula, MT are great - it's the PROCESS that is horrendous. Will never buy major appliances there again. In the end, I would have had to take 5 days vacation days to have everything delivered, installed, and a minor repair service...

fortunately, I had help to be here... but never did have the service guy show up when he was scheduled to. Had a schedule time for 2 weeks in a row from 10-12... automated call in the a.m.

telling me he would be late but NO TIME OF WHEN HE WOULD BE HERE!!! AND THEN NEVER CALLED!!! Horrible customer service. The national call center does not know what the local guys are doing and visa versa...

Awful awful...

had to be on the phone at work for over 1/2 hour which caused me to have to go into work early the next day because I was on-hold for so long.. BUYER BEWARE!

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